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14 Funny Movie Autocorrect Fails That’ll Make You Laugh

14 Funny Movie Autocorrect Fails That'll Make You Laugh

I rely on my phone to make me seem smarter. But sometimes, my smartphone makes me sound dumb, like when it tries to “fix” a word for me and it actually ruins what I’m trying to say. Autocorrect mishaps can actually be pretty hilarious. A movie titled “Snow White and the Bunnymen” might not win any awards, but it does make me laugh! Check out these 14 funny movie and TV show related fails from Damn You Autocorrect. More »

Sex On The Wire: Coming To The Defence OF PDA

Sex On The Wire: Coming To The Defence OF PDA
  • This writer is defending PDA. What’s so gross about being in love? (College Crush)
  • Sex is great — these positions however, are not. (College Candy)
  • Tips to getting “there” in bed. Key point: slow down and enjoy yourself. (Your Tango)
  • How to handle your partner if he/she is porn obsessed  but won’t be intimate with you. (Betty Confidential)
  • He cried in bed, and not cause it was passionate. #Fail (The Frisky)
  • Vienna spotted with Bachelor Pad beau, Kasey Kahl, sporting a bikini bod and her new nose. (Celebuzz)

Tony Awards: Brooke Shields’ Tony Awards Fail

Tony Awards: Brooke Shields' Tony Awards Fail

The opening number of last night’s Tony Awards was pretty darn memorable for a variety of reasons. One of them was Neil Patrick Harris’ purple tuxedo. One of them was Stephen Colbert’s delightful cameo. But the biggest one by far was Brooke Shields’ massive fail during HER cameo. I feel kind of bad for her, especially since she had to present later on; but at the same time, it was just so funny that I can’t help laughing. Check out the whole number after the jump– for the curious, the Brooke Shields Disaster is at the 3:10 mark. Happy Monday, everyone!
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Video: Camel Nativity FAIL

Video: Camel Nativity FAIL

This is why you never bring live friggin’ animals into your baby Jesus manger scene. Absolutely ridiculous. Where did these guys even get a camel anyway? For once, I hope PETA gets their (free-range) bat signal in time to put an end to this sort of behavior.

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