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Giveaway: Five Readers Will Win A Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance for Weight Loss DVD

Giveaway: Five Readers Will Win A  Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance for Weight Loss DVD

Are you excited about the premiere of Dancing With The Stars’ new season on March 19? This year, we’ll see how athletes (Martina Navratilova, Donald Driver), former child stars (Little House on the Prairie‘s Melissa Gilbert and Family Matters‘  Jaleel White), TV hosts (Sherri Shepherd, Maria Menounos ), soap opera legends legends (Jack Wagner, where have you been?) and others shine on the dance floor. And, if looking at your childhood favorites make you want to try some rumba, samba or mambo yourself, you can join them from the comfort (and privacy) of your home with the Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance for Weight Loss DVD. With this DVD, which features Dancing with the Stars pros Mark Ballas and Kym Johnson, and you will, indeed, dance your butt off. And who needs a partner? If you think you have what it takes to master the art of the samba, the salsa and swing, we have the perfect treat for you: five lucky Crushable readers will get a copy of this fun workout DVD. Read on to find out how to enter to win. More »

Tackle Your Fitness Resolutions In The New Year With The Blissology Project

Tackle Your Fitness Resolutions In The New Year With The Blissology Project

Here we are at the start of a new year, ready to keep our resolutions: get in shape, eat better, finally finish reading War and Peace and be able to casually compare our tumultuous love lives to those of Natasha and Prince Nikolay with anyone who’s there to listen. Mostly to exercise. But then we go outside, and it’s cold, too cold to go all the way to the gym, and we’re tired, that mac n’ cheese in a box is looking like the perfect no-fuss meal, and we feel short, and that book would make a great 1,500 page booster seat while we eat our macaroni.

Luckily, there’s a someone to keep you going, no matter where you are. Yogi and “Blissologist” Eoin Finn leads an engaging and powerful Yoga, Meditation and Lifestyle Program that streams online, so you can exercise without having to leave the house.

Try four of Eoin’s vinyasa yoga classes for 30 days for only $10, and receive his Blissology Project Handbook that helps you stick to your resolutions as the months go on. Watch the classes at home, or where ever your laptop can travel, and learn about fitness, nutrition and nature without breaking your New Year budget. More »

5 Ways To Survive Holiday Limbo

5 Ways To Survive Holiday Limbo

What do you call this nebulous period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break? The December Slump? Vacation on ice? Finals? Whatever name you choose to give it, this in-between time between breaks always sends us into a funk. Post-turkey but pre-presents: these two weeks or so of early darkness, cramming for work/school, and general blah-ness can be a real killer if you don’t know how to deal. Here are our 5 simple steps for making your holiday limbo a little more cheery. More »

Blisstree’s Top 5 Posts

Blisstree's Top 5 Posts

Crushable’s sibling site Blisstree proves it’s possible to be both “Zen” and “relatable” – we’re not falling off the grid to an Ashram anytime soon, OK? This past week, Blisstree offered a mix of service-y groundedness with excellent posts on Eat Pray Love‘s not-so-original theme, the travails of hoop dancing and the 10 best energy bars (because we cannot solely subsist on Lunas). More »

Geek Fitness: ‘Star Wars’ Yoga

Geek Fitness: 'Star Wars' Yoga

Okay, so “Downward Facing Wookie” may sound like a gross position my college boyfriend always wanted to try, but if it gets nerds off their computers and exercising, I’ll totally buy this series. Oh and by “nerds” I mean “myself, and everyone else I know.” More Star Wars yoga positions after the jump. (via) More »