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Five Wacky Facts From Megan Fox’s Latest Esquire Profile

Five Wacky Facts From Megan Fox's Latest Esquire Profile

Hey kids! Want to know some wacky facts about everyone’s favorite frankenbabe, Megan Fox? You’re in luck, because Esquire just published a spanking new profile that’s just chock full of interesting Megan-Fox-alia. In addition to the usual truisms like “Megan Fox is attractive” and “people are jealous of Megan Fox’s attractiveness,” it contains a treasure trove of insider info on this beautiful creature. Read and learn. More »

Hot Shot: Esquire Gives Us Two Ryan Goslings at Once

Hot Shot: Esquire Gives Us Two Ryan Goslings at Once

What’s better than one Ryan Gosling? Two Ryan Goslings! What’s better that two Ryan Goslings? The ability to clone humans. Ryan covers this months Esquire in promotion of his new flick Crazy, Stupid, Love. Inside the mag, he gives the best quote ever: “Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.”

Amen. Check out another photo from the shoot as well as a brief inquiry into Ryan’s weird-ass elbow tattoo: More »

‘Interview’ Throws Party For James Franco’s ‘Book’

'Interview' Throws Party For James Franco's 'Book'

Last night at the James hotel, Interview Magazine and James Franco — two of the most overexposed entities in “culture” — joined together to promote Palo Alto, the collection of short stories by James that he wrote while earning one of his 1,000 degrees. You remember, it’s the book with the story they published in Esquire, that had the line “the shadows make it shadow-color“? Yikers. Even having the party at a place called the James now seems like some sort of weird, inside joke that even Franco’s other personalities aren’t finding funny any more. What was the scene like? Our insider had the scoop: More »

James Franco’s ‘Esquire’ Fiction: Dissecting Beauty

James Franco's 'Esquire' Fiction: Dissecting Beauty

James Franco will be playing famed beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the upcoming film Howl, but if his recent fiction published in Esquire is any indication, the actor still has a lot of research to do before he ascends to Kerouac-levels of greatness. See, we love James Franco: He seems to hav a good sense of humor about himself and his celebrity status, takes on new and interesting projects – including currently getting degrees at both Tisch and Columbia, and (lets face it) is really, really, ridiculously good-looking. But we can’t all be great at everything, and we think we found James’ weakness in his terrible, hackneyed prose and ridiculous dialogue. Some of our favorite examples from his story, “Just Before The Black,” below, and our notes constructive criticism bolded below. More »