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Let Me Catch You Up On This Ender’s Game Anti-Gay Controversy

Let Me Catch You Up On This Ender's Game Anti-Gay Controversy

Up until today, I’d heard little bits and pieces about this Ender’s Game controversy, but nothing ever struck my ear enough to encourage me to get super-invested. My knowledge of the situation so far had just been that Orson Scott Card, the writer of the book from which the movie is adapted, is a pretty big homophobe, and he don’t care who knows it! And it turns out that that’s true, but there are a few more layers of complexity to it than that. So let’s catch up! More »

Nerd News: ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie May Actually Be Happening (Finally)

Nerd News: 'Ender's Game' Movie May Actually Be Happening (Finally)

Orson Scott Card’s classic sci-fi novel Ender’s Game has languished for years in cinema development hell, but this week, news broke that Summit Entertainment had acquired the rights to it and was finally starting the ball rolling on a live-action feature film adaption. The novel will be adapted by Gavin Hood, who brought us X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Card himself will be one of the film’s producers. More »