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We Rank 19 Child Actors From Most Talented To Least

We Rank 19 Child Actors From Most Talented To Least

This is a crazy world of ours, and I feel like people are getting famous younger and younger. Some of them because they’re talented, but some just…because. They’re all extremely lucky and hard-working, but let’s not labor under the assumption that all child stars are created equal. I was never one myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of gazing upon their working and making judgements on it. More »

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were In College Right Now

10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were In College Right Now

College students are starting their fall semesters all over the place. That includes both normal college students and celebrity college students. I know what you’re thinking. “Celebrities go to college, too, Jill? I thought they spent their time sleeping in hibernation chambers waiting for their next chance to entertain me.” I hate to break it to you, but you thought wrong. Plenty of stars are juggling their careers in the spotlight with being bookish. More »

Crush Links: Emma Watson Might Be Getting Married, At Hogwarts Perhaps?

Crush Links: Emma Watson Might Be Getting Married, At Hogwarts Perhaps?

The Queen supports gay marriage and also seems annoyed with royal baby talk. (Lainey Gossip)

Jake Gyllenhaal won’t be playing Rapunzel’s Prince in the Into The Woods.  In my opinion, any movie Jake isn’t in suffers. (Celebuzz)

• Okay so now that we know Fifty Shades of Grey is absolutely and positively happening, we can all take a breath. But I’m still wondering why Robert Pattinson hasn’t signed on to play Christian Grey? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Kristin Stewart was spotted in her military get-up on set of her upcoming film, Camp X-Ray. I hope a piece of Bella Swan is still hiding under that uniform somewhere. (ET Online)

•. These music videos and artists all have something important to say. No, Justin Bieber did not make the list, sorry…  (Flavorwire)

• Honestly, I think I’d be more excited for Emma Watson’s potential wedding than I ever was for Kate Middleton’s. I mean, hello people, this is Hermione Granger we are talking about! (Hollywood Hiccups)

•  In news that will depress you… Robert Downey Jr. reportedly earned 75 millions dollars this past year. Really something I didn’t want to know. (Have U Heard)

• Here’s advice on how to update your Twitter and Facebook without irritating every single one of your friends. (The Frisky)

• All you need to know about the upcoming film Rush is that Chris Hemsworth appears shirtless. (Have U Heard)

• Ever wonder how Gwyneth Paltrow looks so amazing? Me too and now I know after reading this. (The Stir)

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Emma Watson Went Method By Creating A Tumblr As Her Bling Ring Character

Emma Watson Went Method By Creating A Tumblr As Her Bling Ring Character

Sometimes method acting makes me a little uncomfortable. It’s like, “Whoa, you had a horn surgically attached to your head just because you’re doing the voice of a unicorn?” or “Ewww, you ate kale just because your character did?” But I can totally get behind Emma Watson’s version of method acting, and in fact I hope it starts a trend among all the biggest-name actors out there who really want to get into their characters’ heads. More »

Love, Laugh, Links: The Real World Apocalypse, Celebrities Don’t Wear Makeup Either

Love, Laugh, Links: The Real World Apocalypse, Celebrities Don't Wear Makeup Either

• Here’s a tip: don’t wear sunglasses in your online dating profile picture if you want to attract the right man. (Your Tango)

• Fear and love are two very different things! Apparently love doesn’t “conquer all.” (The College Crush)

• Texting + Relationships = Dangerous. Stop yourself from texting your crush something creepy. (Gurl)

• Don’t want to pay for new jewelry or furniture? Get crafty and do it yourself with these tips! (The Frisky)

Emma Watson is a klepto? Nope. She just plays one in the new film The Bling Ring. Here’s more about the celebrity victims who were robbed of their Hermes bags! (Betty Confidential)

• Stressed about finding  a job after college? I seriously feel your pain. Here’s what to do when you’re jobless! It’s okay to live your parents, I promise. (Money Crashers)

• Eww, nobody likes breaking out. The best advice for getting rid of zits and preventing new ones. (Chick Rx)

• Okay, so at least I’m not the only one looking rough in the morning without makeup on. These celebrities looking shockingly different without their eyeliner… (ET Online)

• Not so sure if online dating is for you? Read this first before joining eHarmony or Christian Mingle. (Ladyish)

• I think living in The Real World house would be as close to the apocalypse as I could get especially if the Portland cast were there. Watch this hilarious version of The Real World made by This Is The End actors! (Ok Gorgeous)

• Everything you’d ever want to find out about Kanye West’s newest album. Minus Kim Kardashian’s involvement. (Flavor Wire)

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