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Gallery: Beyonce Should’ve Used One Of These Movies’ Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

Gallery: Beyonce Should've Used One Of These Movies' Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

For someone so rich, Beyoncé sure was a cheapskate when she bought her fake pregnancy belly. The thing deflated when she did something so simple as sit down for an interview! (Also, in .gif form.) Whether Bey was faking it until her surrogate popped out a baby or what, she really should’ve gone the movie route and invested in a reliable fake belly. Consider the faux-baby bumps in our gallery—these have survived the slapstick of rom-coms and fight sequences in epic fantasy films. They could’ve made it through an eleven-minute interview. More »

Gallery: Celebrities As Seasonal Starbucks Beverages

Gallery: Celebrities As Seasonal Starbucks Beverages

It finally started to cool off this week in New York, and I’ve got to tell you, I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and the past couple of years, I’ve felt cheated out of it. For some reason (read: global warming), the seasons have gotten into the habit of from summer right to the dead of winter, forgoing the standard stop at autumn in between. ANYWAY, one of the best things about it starting to get fall-like is that it’s finally time for– you guessed it– seasonal Starbucks beverages! I know, I know– they’re terrible for you. But they’re also delicious, so sometimes, it’s nice to indulge. In honor of the occasion, we’ve matched up Starbucks drinks with the celebrities we think embody them. Who’s a Salted Caramel Mocha? Who’s a deep, dark espresso? Read on to find out! More »

Ellen Page Made a Twitter Devoted to ‘Degrassi’ Quotes

Ellen Page Made a Twitter Devoted to 'Degrassi' Quotes

The second-to-last episode of Degrassi: In Too Deep airs tonight at 9, and since you probably don’t have time to tune in to TeenNick’s “Every Degrassi Ever” marathon — even though it’s so good — here’s an easier way to get amped up. Ellen Page and Steve Agee are, without a doubt, major Degrassi enthusiasts: They recently organized a podcast with season 1 stars Lauren Collins and Jake Epstein, and now Page and Agee have started @DegrassiQuoter, a Twitter account that they update with the best quotes from the past ten seasons. More »

Video Gallery: ‘Trust’ and How Hollywood Thinks We Interact on the Internet

Video Gallery: 'Trust' and How Hollywood Thinks We Interact on the Internet

David Schwimmer‘s second directorial feature Trust is a riveting cautionary tale about what happens when an innocuous Internet friendship translates to real emotional danger in real life. It’s also probably the best portrayal of the Internet and social media that has come from film and television. In the almost twenty years since the Internet became mainstream enough that Hollywood incorporated it into storytelling, we’ve seen digital communication portrayed as deadly, oversimplified, schlocky, and cringeworthy. And then a few filmmakers/TV writers completely get it. More »

‘Super’: A Masked-Hero Movie with Perspective

'Super': A Masked-Hero Movie with Perspective

From its inception, James Gunn‘s Super (out now) has been compared to Mark Millar‘s Kick-Ass (2010), as both are delightfully gory takes on the masked-hero-without-superpowers genre. Both filmmakers recently addressed the similarities, ultimately deciding that they were happy to see each other’s work with the knowledge that although the movies shared the same frame, their stories would be vastly different. More »

Original ‘Degrassi’ Stars Lauren Collins and Jake Epstein Are on Twitter

Original 'Degrassi' Stars Lauren Collins and Jake Epstein Are on Twitter

So they’re not the very first actors to have appeared on Degrassi, since the original show began in 1987. But I was excited to discover that two actors from first class on Degrassi: The Next Generation, which premiered on The N in 2000, are on Twitter.

On Sunday night, Super star Ellen Page tweeted about a podcast she was in the process of recording, with writer-comedian Steve Agee and several other famous Canadians: Lauren Collins and Jake Epstein from Degrassi, and Michael Seater from Disney’s Life with Derek. More »