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10 Celebrities Who Cannot Escape Gay Rumors

10 Celebrities Who Cannot Escape Gay Rumors

These ten celebrities can’t seem to escape the gay gossip. Whenever they date someone, people assume it’s a fakelationship. If they “have a baby,” we use quotation marks around it. We look at their perfectly groomed hair or preference for lady pants with narrowed eyes. But unfortunately we won’t know for sure until they announce it on the cover of a magazine. Or until Lance Bass outs them. More »

Love, Laugh, Links: Boyfriend Drinking Woes, Scott Disick Might Star In Kanye’s Music Video

Love, Laugh, Links: Boyfriend Drinking Woes, Scott Disick Might Star In Kanye's Music Video

• Is your boyfriend’s boozing getting in the way of your relationship? Apparently, there is solution to your problem! (Your Tango)

• Who says being single can’t be fun? Stay positive and tell your friends to PLEASE stop trying to set you up on awkward dates with complete strangers. (College Crush)

• Have a lunch box? In case you didn’t know them already… here are some slang words for oral sex that apparently you should know! (Gurl)

Kanye West has reportedly cast Scott Disick as the psychotic murderer Patrick Bateman in his upcoming music video. Does this get any stranger? (The Frisky)

• True Blood mixed with Juno? Woah, Alexander Skarsgard might be dating Ellen Page. Didn’t see that one coming. (Betty Confidential)

• The best way to actually enjoy those vegetable you hated as a kid! (Money Crashers)

• Haven’t bee asked out on a date in a while? Follow these tips to get that Justin Bieber look-a-like’s attention! (ChickRx)

• Best nail polish to flaunt your mood! More mysterious than wearing mood rings!  (Ladyish)

• Can you say scary skinny? Apparently, Michele Kobke isn’t happy with her waist, but it’s only 16 inches! (OK Gorgeous)

• If stars do it…then it’s totally fine to raid your best friend’s closet and borrow the dress she wore yesterday! (ET Online)

• Hard to believe that’s Lena Dunham at summer camp?? I’m so used to seeing her ladyparts on Girls. (Flavor Wire)

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Gallery: Beyonce Should’ve Used One Of These Movies’ Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

Gallery: Beyonce Should've Used One Of These Movies' Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

For someone so rich, Beyoncé sure was a cheapskate when she bought her fake pregnancy belly. The thing deflated when she did something so simple as sit down for an interview! (Also, in .gif form.) Whether Bey was faking it until her surrogate popped out a baby or what, she really should’ve gone the movie route and invested in a reliable fake belly. Consider the faux-baby bumps in our gallery—these have survived the slapstick of rom-coms and fight sequences in epic fantasy films. They could’ve made it through an eleven-minute interview. More »

Gallery: Celebrities As Seasonal Starbucks Beverages

Gallery: Celebrities As Seasonal Starbucks Beverages

It finally started to cool off this week in New York, and I’ve got to tell you, I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and the past couple of years, I’ve felt cheated out of it. For some reason (read: global warming), the seasons have gotten into the habit of from summer right to the dead of winter, forgoing the standard stop at autumn in between. ANYWAY, one of the best things about it starting to get fall-like is that it’s finally time for– you guessed it– seasonal Starbucks beverages! I know, I know– they’re terrible for you. But they’re also delicious, so sometimes, it’s nice to indulge. In honor of the occasion, we’ve matched up Starbucks drinks with the celebrities we think embody them. Who’s a Salted Caramel Mocha? Who’s a deep, dark espresso? Read on to find out! More »