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“Monster” Guys Are the New “Pretty Ugly Girls”

"Monster" Guys Are the New "Pretty Ugly Girls"

This weekend I went to see Beastly in theaters because my boyfriend was covering it for his job and needed the moral support. Considering that the movie has been delayed for months, I’ve had a lot of time to consider the filmmakers’ questionable choice of using tattoos and scars to make Alex Pettyfer‘s character “ugly.” As you can see from the photo, poor Kyle Kingston is cursed by a witch (Mary-Kate Olsen) to be utterly revolting to all eyes. He’ll be stuck in this form if, after a year, he has found no woman who can say, “I love you.” Except, he looks more like the hot biker guy your parents warned you against and who you totally want to go after. Vanessa Hudgens certainly doesn’t look repulsed here. More »

Fan Fiction: ‘Twilight’ By Sylvia Plath

Fan Fiction: 'Twilight' By Sylvia Plath

It had been three months since Edward left. At first I feared that the days would tick by with excruciating slowness, like the indomitable drip of a leaky fauce,t or the eternity it takes for the life to flow out of the eyes of a newborn colt while my lover drinks its blood. But instead I found myself gasping for air at how fast I was speeding towards my own old age, and with it, the promise of mortality. More »

Readers Respond: ‘Harry Potter’ Better Than ‘Twilight’

Readers Respond: 'Harry Potter' Better Than 'Twilight'

Well, I can’t say that I saw this coming: Last week when we asked readers to weigh in on the ultimate, decision-set-in-stone debate of the Twilight Saga versus the Harry Potter series, we were expecting to get a spirited number of responses from both Team Harry and Team Edward. But according to our poll, you guys prefer your wizarding to your vampires by a wide, wide margin. More »

‘Who Would You Rather’: HS Boyfriend Edition – Okay, the choices are Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About Your, John Cusak in Say Anything, Ferris Bueller, Edward Cullen, or Nic Cage in Valley Girl. Aaaaand: Go! (via PopEater)