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Video Gallery: The Best of ‘My Little Pony’ Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Video Gallery: The Best of 'My Little Pony' Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Once upon a time, I saw one of the funniest mash-ups in the history of funny mash-ups: The “Madonna” speech from Reservoir Dogs laid over a scene from a My Little Pony cartoon. Alas, this piece of hilarity seems to have vanished, for I can no longer find it, which means that sadly, I cannot share it with you, Gentle Readers. However, in its stead, I offer these other mash-ups, in the hopes that they may provide you with much jollity and good feeling. Lord of the Rings? Got it. Scott Pilgrim? Got that, too. How about some Michael Bay? Come on down! Welcome to the Internet’s Best My Little Pony Mash-Ups! More »