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The 30-Year-Old Man’s Guide To Gossip Girl: Yes, Then Zero

The 30-Year-Old Manâs Guide To Gossip Girl: Yes, Then Zero

Joshua Friesen is a man in his 30s who’s obsessed with pop culture. This is how his brain processes Gossip Girl.

? Are you kidding me, Gossip Girl? Not six months ago, he was in a tux at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel hoping to collect an Oscar for directing “The Fighter.” Now he has a cameo on a CW soap opera? The only possible explanation here is blackmail. Remember, George Clooney once punched this guy in the jaw. O. Russell’s all over You Tube screaming at poor Lily Tomlin. By all accounts he’s a miserable human being. The producers must have something so terrible on him, something so heinous that he’s at their beck and call. Or he’s stopped taking himself so seriously and he’s just having a good time. It could go either way. More »

Crushable Exclusive: Felicity Jones Enjoys Naked Hot Tubbing In Chalet Girl

Crushable Exclusive: Felicity Jones Enjoys Naked Hot Tubbing In Chalet Girl

Before the critically-acclaimed Like Crazy comes to theaters, check out its star Felicity Jones in the indie film Chalet Girl. She plays Kim, a champion skateboarder who lucks into a job at a swanky chalet up in the Alps and falls for her boss’ son Jonny (Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick).

Crushable’s got an exclusive clip from the movie: While the boss is away, Kim and the other employees decide to have a big party complete with crazy Finnish people who love to roll around in the freezing snow and them jump into the hot tubs. Naked, of course. More »

13 Celebrity Bar Brawls

13 Celebrity Bar Brawls

Weird things that happened this week included Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean getting stabbed in a bar brawl. I have to admit, though, that this one kind of makes me adore him just a little bit more, because he was apparently leaping to defend the honor of model April Summers. Furthermore, after the incident, instead of heading to the hospital, he merely went back inside the bar, asked for a first aid kit, and patched himself up while ordering another drink, which I find mildly hilarious. Though Bean certainly isn’t the only celebrity to have gotten into a bar brawl, he may well be one of the only ones that has done so for an honorable reason. Honorable or now, though, here are 13 other notable celebrity bar fracases. Who’s side are YOU rooting for? More »

Your Guide to ‘Gossip Girl’ Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Your Guide to 'Gossip Girl' Celebrity Halloween Costumes

When it comes to dressing for Halloween, can you have any better style icons than the hipper-than-thou prep schoolers from Gossip Girl? It’s actually difficult to find pics of Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and Blake Lively dressing up and trick-or-treating after 2008: Maybe that’s when the CW decided to put the kibosh on their golden calves going out in public dressed like slutty versions of something other than their own characters. Luckily, we managed to find a couple good ones from the first season of GG, as well as some pics of lesser-known characters playing dress-up. Note: Taylor Momsen is not in any of these shots because she treats every day like Halloween. More »

Video Gallery: Best Of British Guys Playing Americans

Video Gallery: Best Of British Guys Playing Americans

What’s the point of having an British accent if you aren’t going to use it? These days, it seems like every-other American TV character is played by a Englishman. From Chuck Bass to Bill Compton, our networks are a testament to the new British Invasion. We don’t begrudge these blokes their roles, but we also wouldn’t mind hearing a little London from time to time. Check out our gallery of the best Brits-as-Americans. More »

Fame Wore: ‘The Expendables’ Vegas Premiere Features Old Guys, Classy Ladies

Fame Wore: 'The Expendables' Vegas Premiere Features Old Guys, Classy Ladies

From the front-lines of this uber-premiere party for The Expendables in Las Vegas this week: I didn’t actually watch the film, so ex-squeeze me if I didn’t know it was supposed to be Gran Torino 2, but I have to say that the ladies at this party were way more classy than the guys, who stuck either with ill-fitting suits or weird eye-grabbing garb. Who knows who these dudes were: studio execs maybe, or someone’s older uncle who didn’t take his meds and accidentally wandered past security and the red ropes. All I know is: Wrinkles are gross, and aren’t appropriate for any season. More »