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How To: Tweet Like A Celebrity

How To: Tweet Like A Celebrity

As a celebrity, the way you chose to tweet is pretty important. Do you go the personal route or the “I’m a business and will market myself as such” route? Do you show your boobs or not? Is it possible for all of the words in your tweet to be links, hashtags, and Twitter handles? I’ve done my best to narrow down five celeb-specific tweeting styles: The Self-Promotional, The Controversial, The Oversharer, The Jerk, and The Kanye. For each, I’ve chosen one celebrity example and used real evidence from their Twitter to teach you how to tweet like a celeb. Let’s begin! More »

I Have Some Suggestions For The Lame-Brain Who Hacked Donald Trump’s Twitter

I Have Some Suggestions For The Lame-Brain Who Hacked Donald Trump's Twitter

Donald Trump knows more than anyone that when life hands you an opportunity, you have to snatch it up. If it gives you a bumper crop of pure orange hair, you have to comb as much of it as possible onto your forehead for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, I have only this to say to whoever supposedly hacked his Twitter account today — IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? More »

5 Things That Didn’t Happen on the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale

5 Things That Didn't Happen on the 'Celebrity Apprentice' Finale

Plenty of drama has gone down on Celebrity Apprentice this season: Catfights in the boardroom, embarrassing breakdowns from the male contestants, Gary Busey coming up with ever more quotable gibberish. But for last night’s season finale where Donald Trump had to choose between Marlee Matlin and John Rich, we tracked everything that didn’t happen — both in the episode and at the live finale in New York City. More »