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Captain America’s Dominic Cooper…Revealed!

Captain America's Dominic Cooper...Revealed!

With all the fervor over Captain America‘s studly star Chris Evans, it would be easy to forget anyone else is in the movie at all. But to do so would be a huge mistake, because the supporting cast includes Dominic Cooper, a great actor (and heartthrob) in his own rite. In this, his Hollywood blockbuster debut, Cooper plays Howard Stark, the brilliant inventor who helps turn regular guy Steve Rogers into a patriotic übermensch. (And who, in Iron Man, grows up into John Slattery and fathers the title character.) Here are some things you might not know about him. More »

Luke Evans…Revealed!

Luke Evans...Revealed!

The name Luke Evans not ringing any bells for you? Understandable: most American audiences only know the Welsh actor for his role in Clash of the Titans and Robin Hood, which, lets face it, should tell you something about his current star status. But we’re putting money on the 31-year-old’s stock rising, and fast: He recently starred in Tamara Drewe with British hottie Dominic Cooper, and was just hand-picked to play the sidekick of John Cusack‘s Edgar Allen Poe in the upcoming thriller Raven. So before he gets too too famous, here are five things to know about the tousled-haired hottie. More »

Video: Gives Dominic Cooper Your Questions

Video: Gives Dominic Cooper Your Questions

We first started crushing on Dominic Cooper when he was still a sexy, manipulative tween in the British play, The History Boys, for which he later revised his role on film. Since then, Dominic has played a plethora of snake-charmers: he’s the devious partner-in-crime Danny from An Education, played royalty with Keira Knightley in The Duchess, an egotistical rock star in the English film Tamara Drewe, and he’ll be playing a young version of Iron Man’s father, the alcoholic Howard Stark, in the upcoming Captain America film. More »