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Liveblogging The Music Video For Trace Cyrus’ Horrid New Single ‘Jealous Lover’

Liveblogging The Music Video For Trace Cyrus' Horrid New Single 'Jealous Lover'

So Miley Cyrus‘ creepy-looking myspace-core brother Trace has a solo project called Ashland High, which according to its press release, “consist[s] of pop, dubstep, r&b and rock.” Because he wanted to “give back to his fans,” he released a new album for free on New Year’s Eve, alongside a music video for lead single “Jealous Lover.” Here are my reactions to said video, IN REAL TIME, with some additional thoughts from b5 editorial director Meghan Keane. More »

A Discussion Of Fox’s ‘Quirky’ Zooey Deschanel Vehicle New Girl

A Discussion Of Fox's 'Quirky' Zooey Deschanel Vehicle New Girl

Like we told you yesterday, FOX has decided to visit the pilot episode of its sitcom New Girl upon the internet-going public early, making it available for free download via iTunes a full two weeks before it premieres on television. Despite knowing there was no way it was going to be any good at all, Liana and I decided to give it a chance and watch it. As they used to say on a show that was actually funny but got canceled to make room for more travesties like this, we’ve made a huge mistake. More »

A Discussion Of MTV’s Hater Baiting New Show, ‘I Just Want My Pants Back’

A Discussion Of MTV's Hater Baiting New Show, 'I Just Want My Pants Back'

Last night, MTV gave viewers an “exclusive preview” of their new show “I Just Want My Pants Back,” better known to Greenpoint residents as “I Just Want To Be Able To Walk To My Apartment And Back (Without Some L.A. D-Berry In A Trucker Hat Bossing Me Around).” Liana and I took one for the team and watched it so you don’t have to. Here is the resulting Socratic dialogue. (Yes, we had this Skype chat while meandering through the Acropolis.) More »