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This Year’s 8 Best Celebrity Commencement Speeches

This Year's 8 Best Celebrity Commencement Speeches

This year there was a particularly good crop of commencement speakers, and their speeches ran the gamut from heartfelt to hilarious to musical. If you can deal with feeling jealous of a bunch of high school and college students for having celebrities wish them luck on their graduation day, go forth and watch these eight examples. And follow your dreams, because that’s like really important. More »

‘All About Aubrey’ Recap: Celebrity Vs. Art

'All About Aubrey' Recap: Celebrity Vs. Art

When I was getting ready to sit down and watch the premiere of All about Aubrey, I prepared myself for the train wreck that was coming my way, especially since I had seen Making The Band with Diddy and I knew how Aubrey O’Day had started out.

It’s hard to believe that Danity Kane, the girl group Aubrey was once a part of, was actually pretty successful. They went platinum and the saga was shown in the intro of All About Aubrey. We see that she has had success and she was a pretty great singer…but the Aubrey we are looking at now, not only looks completely different, her whole persona is different. So which one is the real Aubrey? More »

Video: Diddy And Justin Bieber Talk Swag

Video: Diddy And Justin Bieber Talk Swag

Hey, guys, guess what? Justin Bieber‘s a part of the Dirty Money Crew now! (We don’t know what that means.) Apparently in order to be a part of this crew, Justin needed to get a less in “swag” from Diddy. What’s swag? Swag is a way of walking with your arms in motion so as to “push the hate back.” Sure. More »

Video: Robert DeNiro Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Video: Robert DeNiro Hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

Last night Robert DeNiro and Diddy took the stage for Saturday Night Live‘s best episode of the season. Meet the Fockers not withstanding, Robbie isn’t exactly known for his acting chops (see: Jimmy Fallon‘s late night premiere with “Space Train“), but with the help of some of our favorite standout characters, the Scorsese star killed it. Here are our favorite sketches of the night: More »

Celeb Roundup: Is That A UFO?

Celeb Roundup: Is That A UFO?

Sometimes they talk about weird liquor concoctions and sometimes they’re rambling on about UFOs. You never can tell when it comes to celebs on Twitter. We’ve got the day’s roundup from Matt Lanter (@MattLanter), Diddy (@iamdiddy), Eliza Dushku (@elizadushku) and Snooki (@Sn00ki).
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