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15 Girl Crushes Your Mom Would Approve Of

15 Girl Crushes Your Mom Would Approve Of

The women who could reasonably be our moms or our aunts or our mom’s fun friends. The women a lot of our moms probably loved when they were our age, even if the term “girl crush” hadn’t been invented yet. Those women still have all the qualities we love in our favorite Hollywood women, with the added bonus that we can bond with our moms over our obsession with them. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Godfather’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Godfather'

I love pop culture, but my favorite medium is definitely TV. If there were an entire 24/7 Simpsons rerun channel, I might never leave my apartment. But there’s a dark side to my obsessive television watching: it means I have missed out on a whole lot of movies, including some of the most famous flicks in history. Each week, I’ll be watching a different classic film that has previously escaped me and writing a review here on Crushable. First up? The Godfather. Apparently it was a spinoff of The Sopranos or something? More »