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Should Brian Kelly, Notre Dame’s Football Coach, Be Fired?

Should Brian Kelly, Notre Dame's Football Coach, Be Fired?

It’s easy to make a man into a monster with a narrative like Brian Kelly: he’s a first-year football coach at a top-tiered athletic school who already has the blood of two young students on his hands. But because of his great track record leading his teams to victories, Brian has yet to reprimanded by the school, though his behavior regarding these two deaths has made more than one journalistic outlet call for his resignation and queston the school’s ethics this week. More »

Notre Dame Student Dies Taping Football Practice

Notre Dame Student Dies Taping Football Practice

Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old at Notre Dame college, fell to his death after 50 mph winds collapsed the hydraulic lift tower where he had been taping the school’s football practice, for which he was a student manager. At least, that’s what the story is so far: the government is investigating the details of the student’s death, as well as to why the Fighting Irish team had been outdoors that day to begin with, when similar weather conditions forced them to practice indoors the day before. More »