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The 30-Year-Old Man’s Guide To Gossip Girl: Yes, Then Zero

The 30-Year-Old Manâs Guide To Gossip Girl: Yes, Then Zero

Joshua Friesen is a man in his 30s who’s obsessed with pop culture. This is how his brain processes Gossip Girl.

? Are you kidding me, Gossip Girl? Not six months ago, he was in a tux at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel hoping to collect an Oscar for directing “The Fighter.” Now he has a cameo on a CW soap opera? The only possible explanation here is blackmail. Remember, George Clooney once punched this guy in the jaw. O. Russell’s all over You Tube screaming at poor Lily Tomlin. By all accounts he’s a miserable human being. The producers must have something so terrible on him, something so heinous that he’s at their beck and call. Or he’s stopped taking himself so seriously and he’s just having a good time. It could go either way. More »

Nerd News: Movies That Will NOT Be Happening

Nerd News: Movies That Will NOT Be Happening

Or perhaps more appropriately, Movies That Will Not Be Happening The Way We Thought They Were Going To. Over the last week and a half, two major nerd films lost their key players. First, Akira news: Keanu Reeves, who had reportedly signed on the play Kaneda in the live-action remake of the anime classic, said no. Second, Uncharted news: Today we heard that director David O. Russell, who had been attached to the film adaptation of the PlayStation game series, has pulled out, and he’s taking Mark Wahlberg, who was set to play Nathan Drake, with him. More »