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Crushable Quotable: Don’t You DARE Laugh At Dan Aykroyd’s Career!

Crushable Quotable: Don't You DARE Laugh At Dan Aykroyd's Career!

For some reason, everyone is under the impression today that Dan Aykroyd hasn’t appeared in very much stuff in the last decade? That’s wrong. Dan Aykroyd has appeared in way too much stuff, including Crossroads and The World According To Jim. But okay, let’s pretend the Yogi Bear star hasn’t been working lately. That’s because he has standards, as he told the Associated Press. More »

When There’s Something Weird, And It’s Too Good To Be TrueDan Aykroyd confirmed that casting has begun for Ghostbusters 3..and Bill Murray will definitely be returning. Bad news? He might be crazy, and Anna Faris is refusing to take part in it (but Eliza Dushku might). Crystal Head Vodka, anyone? (Ace Showbiz)