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Crushable Quotable: Angelina Pivarnick Says The Situation Is Gay, I Say She’s Bitter

Crushable Quotable: Angelina Pivarnick Says The Situation Is Gay, I Say She's Bitter

Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick hasn’t gotten much press since leaving the show for the second time, so she’s relying on talking shit about other cast members in order to stay relevant. This time, the subject of her ire is The Situation, whom Angelina knew before going on the show (they’re both from Staten Island and dated before becoming Seaside Heights housemates). She told Popeater, “I think Mike is gay. I think he’s gay because of the way he talks and the way he abuses girls. He talks down to women.” More »

Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg’s Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg's Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Ween is one of those bands I love because they can sound like so many different bands. They can be melodic, hardcore, alternative, jam-bandy, and sometimes even sounding like The Beatles.

But my first introduction to the band was the same song that got The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg obsessed with the 90s alt-rock group, and it’s honestly the most terrifying single of all time, “Spinal Meningitis:” More »

Crushable Quotable: James Van Der Beek On Internet Immortality

Crushable Quotable: James Van Der Beek On Internet Immortality

James Van Der Beek: he is just a normal dude! With last week’s introduction to Funny or Die’s Van Der Meme videos (and subsequent website), James was able to take a not-even-that-popular Internet meme about himself and turn it into a viral hit. He’s the antithesis of Keanu Reeves, who refused to even acknowledge that Sad Keanu existed, or Winona Ryder, who doesn’t even have the Internet unless someone sends her to a world wide webpage. More »

Crushable Quotable: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cookbook Is Creepy

Crushable Quotable: Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook Is Creepy

My boyfriend has a really weird moan that he does whenever he eats something good or takes a shower. It really skeeves me out, and if he does it in public, other people have a tendency to mock him. This is why if my children ever write a cookbook – the way Blythe Danner‘s over-achieving daughter Gwyneth Paltrow is currently doing – I will make sure to have them include their father’s weird noises as part of a delicious recipe! More »

Crushable Quotable: Don’t You DARE Laugh At Dan Aykroyd’s Career!

Crushable Quotable: Don't You DARE Laugh At Dan Aykroyd's Career!

For some reason, everyone is under the impression today that Dan Aykroyd hasn’t appeared in very much stuff in the last decade? That’s wrong. Dan Aykroyd has appeared in way too much stuff, including Crossroads and The World According To Jim. But okay, let’s pretend the Yogi Bear star hasn’t been working lately. That’s because he has standards, as he told the Associated Press. More »