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Summer Reading List: Six Novellas Better Than a “Beach Read”

Summer Reading List: Six Novellas  Better Than a "Beach Read"

How I hate the beach read and its cousin, chick lit. They’re made up genres, and not even the cool kind like “paranormal teen romance.” To me a beach read needn’t be about a cat that solves crime or a woman and her passionate love affair with cocktails and the men who pour them; they need to be light (because my industrial size bottle of SPF 75 is taking up most of the space in the beach bag). So here we have six novellas, Spanish for a book only a little thicker then a double issue of Lucky and five times as edifying. Come on, which is a more respectable tweet “Finally got around to reading The Dead, wonderful!” or “on page 106 of The Cat who Loved Chloroform”? More »

Crushable Books: ‘Hipster Puppies’ and Other Hipster Animals That Are Cooler Than You

Crushable Books: 'Hipster Puppies' and Other Hipster Animals That Are Cooler Than You

It began as a joke; then it became a phenomenon; and now, it’s a book! Welcome to the world of Christopher R. Weingarten’s Hipster Puppies. A rock critic based in Brooklyn (universally acknowledged as the hipster capital of the world), Weingarten grew tired of the scads and scads of hipster-related Tumblrs plaguing the internet– so one day, he decided to fight back. The resulting Tumblr featured a series of dogs, often of the tiny variety, decked out in very large eyeglasses and expounding upon the merits of listening to music no one else does– and, as you can imagine, it is both adorable and hilarious. Even better, a book has been compiled of the best of the best images from the Tumblr! Due out on July 5, Hipster Puppies is a must read for hipsters, anti-hipsters, and puppy enthusiasts everywhere. Can’t get enough of these canine hipsters? Neither can we! Consequently, we started wondering what other animals might benefit from the hipster treatment. Here are our top 15 picks for Next Hipster Animal Phenomenon: More »

Crushable Books: 6 Things We Didn’t Know About ‘Constructing Green Lantern’

Crushable Books: 6 Things We Didn't Know About 'Constructing Green Lantern'

There’s only two weeks left until the release of Green Lantern, which means only two more weeks to sit and wonder whether it’s going to be awesome or awful. However, awesomeness or awfulness aside, it DOES look like it has some pretty snazzy special effects and an impressive production design. We got to take a look at the making of the film, thanks to the new book Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen landing on our desks recently. Written by Green Lantern’s researcher and asset manager, Ozzy Inguanzo, the book goes behind the scenes and delves into how the production team built the world of Green Lantern from the ground up. Here are six neat things we learned about the making of the film: More »

Crushable Books: 7 Things I Learned About Hoarding from TV Star Matt Paxton

Crushable Books: 7 Things I Learned About Hoarding from TV Star Matt Paxton

On A&E’s hit show Hoarders, head cleaner Matt Paxton is affectionately referred to as “St. Matt” by fans of the show. Matt, who owns Virginia-based company Clutter Cleaners, was approached to join the show because of his great reputation working with hoarders. The guy clearly has a stomach made of steel, because he has dealt with everything from dead animal carcasses to rotting human waste without flipping out. His new book, The Secret Lives of Hoarders: True Stories of Handling Extreme Clutter, is a manual about how to deal with all kinds of hoarding situations. I thought I knew all there was to know about hoarding from being a fan of the show, but St. Matt has seen it all. More »

Video Gallery: The Most Scarring ‘Little House on The Prairie’ Moments

Video Gallery: The Most Scarring 'Little House on The Prairie' Moments

The Wilder Life, a book about her process researching the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, was released. As a kid I could never get through The Big Woods, but I was completely obsessed with the Little House TV show.

People who have never seen Little House might use words like “sweet” and “wholesome” to describe it. Maybe they think of it as a quaint saga of family life on the prairie. And they would be wrong. Really, it’s a drawn-out horror movie about narrowly avoiding death until it finally finds you. The folks who brought us Final Destination must have been Little House fans, because they were cheating death long before Alex Browning came along. More »

Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups We Wish Someone Would Write

Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups We Wish Someone Would Write

Yesterday, we introduced you to the wonderful world of mashup novels. Between Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Little Women and Werewolves, there are plenty of great mashups to keep the genre going. However, as great as all of the existing examples are, there are still plenty that haven’t been written yet. Here are our picks for the next hit literary mashups– now get writing! More »

Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups That Actually Exist

Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups That Actually Exist

Fact: Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, lead a secret life as a mighty hunter of vampires.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t actually fact, but it sure is an entertaining idea. At least, that’s what Seth Grahame-Smith thought, and thus was born the mashup novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. What’s a mashup novel? Allow me to enlighten you: Mashup novels take works of classic literature or biographies of important historical figures and, shall we say, improves on them a bit with the addition of vampires, zombies, mummies, werewolves, and the like. Naturally, the genre has caught on like wildfire in the two years since its inception; in fact, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did so well that it’s currently being adapted into a movie starring Benjamin Walker of Broadway’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Can’t get enough of these wild and wacky literary mashups? Read on for our guide to the best of the bunch! More »

Crushable Books: Life Lessons from ‘The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth’

Crushable Books: Life Lessons from 'The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth'

Flashback: You’re 17. You’ve just come home from school, and you’re a mess. Maybe it’s because the people you’d been friends with your whole life suddenly turned their backs on you in the cafeteria. Maybe it’s because you went another day without uttering a single word to anyone. Maybe you were ridiculed, or beat up, or publicly humiliated. Whatever the case, it’s always more of the same, and high school seems to stretch on for eternity. How much longer can you last? You don’t really know. And though adults keep telling you that it gets better, no one will tell you why.

We’ve all been there. A lot of us are still there, even if we’re not 17 anymore. But this is where Alexandra Robbins and her book The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth enter the picture, and they enter the picture with two words: Quirk. Theory. More »

Crushable Books: Stories Rob Lowe Only Tells His Many Many Many Friends

Crushable Books: Stories Rob Lowe Only Tells His Many Many Many Friends

Rob Lowe has written a memoir entitled Stories I Only Tell My Friends. Before reading the book, you might guess the title is a marketing ploy. If these are stories he only tells his friends, then you, by buying the book, have befriended Rob Lowe! He’s letting you in!

After reading his epic, however, you realize this title was Lowe’s idea, but some editor axed his original subtitle. Because, obviously Mr. Lowe wanted the cover to read Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Charlie, Demi, Martin, Emilio, Tom, Patrick, Bill, John Jr., and Sean). While all celebrity autobiographies are bound to suffer from some name dropping, its the element of surprise that really brings Lowe’s famous friends from footnote to the forefront. More »

‘Star Wars vs. Star Trek’ and Other Tales: Which of These Franchises Would Win in a Fight?

'Star Wars vs. Star Trek' and Other Tales: Which of These Franchises Would Win in a Fight?

On May 18, a fantastic new book will hit the stands: Star Wars Vs. Star Trek by Matt Forbeck. As you might expect, this book examines the age-old rivalry of Wars fans and Trek fans, though it does it through an unusual lens: The hotly debated question, could the Empire kick the Federation’s ass? In the words of Mr. Spock, fascinating! But how does the book measure the seemingly immeasurable qualities of these two science fiction giants? I have six words for you: Who. Would. Win. In. A. Fight. That’s right: Star Wars Vs. Star Trek pairs similar characters and creations from each franchise and invents a scenario in which the two would find reason to fight. Subjective? Maybe. But entertaining? Hell yes. Storm Troopers fighting Red Shirts? Check. Yoda facing off with Spock? Check. Darth Vader battling Khan? Check!

That got us here at Crushable HQ to thinking: How many other franchises have we always wanted to see duke it out? The answer was plenty. So, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Pop-Culture Collision, in which we pit a selection of today’s most popular franchises against each other. Who’s going to win? Read on to find out! More »