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Crush Links: Kim Kardashian’ Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Crush Links: Kim Kardashian' Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Kim Kardashian‘s heels were killing her at her recent birthday party: the spiky Louboutins cut into her feet and made her fall. A fashion martyr! (People)

Beyonce‘s mom says rumors of her daughter’s pregnancy have been greatly exaggerated. (Just Jared)

Tavi totally knows what’s in Christine O’Donnell’s closet right now (besides a sacrificial goat). (The Frisky)

• Sexy Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his team’s recent win by taking off his shirt. (Goal)

• He may be joking about the featured phoenix from the video, but the ideas for Kanye‘s video Runway came from a very dark place. Specifically, the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs. (MTV) More »