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The 20 Creepiest Tweets About Justin Bieber’s Newfound Legality

The 20 Creepiest Tweets About Justin Bieber's Newfound Legality

You guys! Justin Bieber turns 18 today, which means you can finally…continue to leave him alone, because he has a girlfriend who is not you. But try telling that to certain #Beliebers out there. I dug a bit deeper into the “Belieber bday sex” trending topic to find a veritable snakepit of sexual horror and borderline criminality. I’m not sure the Biebs would still be laughing if he’d seen some of these. More »

Courtney Stodden’s Twitter Is Basically Softcore Porn

Courtney Stodden's Twitter Is Basically Softcore Porn

In every video interview we’ve seen with child bride Courtney Stodden so far, she appears to be in a constant state of arousal. The lip-licking, the writhing, the gross pawing of her 51-year-old husband…it’s disconcerting. But she couldn’t be like that all the time, could she? Surely she occasionally takes a break to think about food, movies, or young adult fiction? More »