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Kate Winslet and 12 Other Celebrities Who Escaped Blazing House/Car/Hotel Fires

Kate Winslet and 12 Other Celebrities Who Escaped Blazing House/Car/Hotel Fires

Another sign that Kim Kardashian‘s wedding is signaling the apocalypse: Early this morning, a tropical storm sparked a fire at Richard Branson‘s Caribbean mansion, where 16 guests were staying. Everyone managed to escape before the house burned down entirely; interestingly, the only celebrity mentioned by name was Kate Winslet, who was there with boyfriend Louis Dowler and her two kids.

The thing is, this isn’t unusual at all! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen the headline “[Celebrity] Escapes Fire” — so here’s a round-up of all the actors, singers, and reality stars who’ve made it through the inferno to live another day. More »

Crush Links: The Press Pulls Mel Gibson’s Gay Brother Out of a Hat

Crush Links: The Press Pulls Mel Gibson's Gay Brother Out of a Hat

Joe Jonas is growing up — he’s mastered the Enrique Iglesias smolder! (The Frisky)

• Why has Jennifer Aniston had Chelsea Lately, instead of bestie Courteney Cox, by her side at film events these last few months? (Lainey Gossip)

Kate Hudson gives birth to a baby boy, which was a surprise since she was expecting a girl. But we’ve seen Oliver Hudson and he’s a cutie, so it’s all OK! (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Remember last week’s gallery of pretty girls with awful hair? Now the hot dudes get the same treatment. (Celebuzz)

Mel Gibson has a gay brother named Andrew, who supports him? How have we not known about this until now? (BuzzFeed)

Crush Links: Rachel and Monica Will Be ‘Friends’ Forever!

Crush Links: Rachel and Monica Will Be 'Friends' Forever!

Angelina Jolie may be remaking Elizabeth Taylor‘s Cleopatra, but there’s another biopic in the works: The story of Taylor and Richard Burton‘s tumultuous Hollywood romance. (The Frisky)

Elton John defends his choice to appoint Lady Gaga as baby Zachary‘s godmother: “She will be a good person to guide him through the ins and outs of the music business.” (Celebuzz)

• Stop trying to run stories about Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox having a friend breakup — these two will be buddies forever! (Betty Confidential)

• The most awkward moments at the MTV Movie Awards, topped with Robert Pattinson‘s derpy grin. (Buzznet)

Nikki Reed may have been flashing a diamond engagement ring on the red carpet at the awards — could she be engaged to American Idol boyfriend Paul McDonald? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Crush Links: Does this Mean that ‘The Hills’ Was Fake?!

Crush Links: Does this Mean that 'The Hills' Was Fake?!

Whaaat?! Audrina Patridge alleges that Lauren Conrad and Justin Bobby hooked up off camera! (Oh No They Didn’t!)

Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on Full House, now prefers mommyhood to meth. (Perez Hilton)

Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Lohan might star in a movie together about Charles Manson; Marilyn would play Charles’ right-hand man, Tex Watson, and Lindsay would play Sharon Tate. (TMZ) More »

Crush Links: Joan Rivers is No ‘Real Housewives’ Fan

Crush Links: Joan Rivers is No 'Real Housewives' Fan

Joan Rivers says the Real Housewives of New York City doesn’t represent New York accurately. Heresy! (Perez Hilton)

David Arquette said, quite simply, of Courteney, that he “tried to fuck her and she doesn’t even want” him. Yeah… that comment will really make you enticing to her. (Dlisted)

Catherine Zeta-Jones entered a treatment facility for bipolar disorder. (People) More »

Here’s Your Chance To Talk on the Phone with ‘Cougar Town’ Star Courteney Cox

Here's Your Chance To Talk on the Phone with 'Cougar Town' Star Courteney Cox

We’re used to fan interaction from the early days of American Idol, where texts and phone calls would determine a contestant’s staying power. But only in the last few years have scripted series invited fans to interact with the characters or stars. The latest is ABC’s Cougar Town: When watching tonight’s episode, the moment you hear a character say a phone number, call it up for the chance to talk to one of the stars. You might get Courteney Cox, Busy Phillips, Josh Hopkins, or another actor, depending who picks up. More »

Crush Links: It’s About Time Porn Stars Got Their Own Reality Show

Crush Links: It's About Time Porn Stars Got Their Own Reality Show

It’s just a matter of time before this hits the U.S.  A South African network is launching a reality show in which porn stars compete in sexual challenges. (Perez Hilton)

Check out a picture of Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman, with their adorable new son, Skyler! (Dlisted)

How do you feel about John Travolta playing John Gotti in an upcoming indie film, Gotti: Three Generations? (The Hollywood Reporter)
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David Arquette’s Weird Attempts To Get Courteney Cox Back Include Rehab

David Arquette's Weird Attempts To Get Courteney Cox Back Include Rehab

Surprise! We mentioned a few days ago that David Arquette‘s meltdown had achieved Oompa Loompa level. And now he’s in rehab.

If there were a scale of things that surprised us, this would rank right below the fact it is cold in January. However, David has thrown a bit of a curve ball into the works. He is apparently going to rehab in efforts to win wife Courteney Cox back. Um… good effort, but maybe a little late on that one, Dave? More »

Crushable Quotable: Don’t Ask Patricia Arquette About Courteney Cox

Crushable Quotable: Don't Ask Patricia Arquette About Courteney Cox

Patricia Arquette accompanied her brother David to the Onexone Gala in New York City this week, and apparently she does not share her brother’s penchant for oversharing. David was more than happy to tell Howard Stern all the gritty details of his divorce from Courteney Cox, but when reporters asked Patricia about the split, she threw a temper tantrum. Apparently, asking about her brother’s love life is like asking if she masturbates. It sounds like the Arquettes have some family ish when it comes to marital matters.

According to US Weekly, this was Patricia’s response to questions about the divorce:

“How are you doing? How is your kid doing? Have you ever had anything happen in your life? What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever had happen to you? Do you ever masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? I mean, can you imagine these kind of questions? Can you imagine? Can you imagine? It’s not alright! It’s not alright!”

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Courteney Cox Is a Better Cougar In Real Life Than On TV

Courteney Cox Is a Better Cougar In Real Life Than On TV

The world may not be ready to accept her show about cougars, but Courteney Cox‘s divorce may prove that cougars are moving up in the world. As the details of her separation from husband David Arquette have come out this week, Courteney is clearly emerging as the victor in the split. She’s already dating a much younger man, her show is finally a hit and she appears to be winning the PR battle (mostly for not dishing to Howard Stern like her husband did).

Hollywood divorces may often find women being left by successful men for younger, hotter women, but here the roles seem reversed. It’s especially interesting considering the fact that she currently stars in a show called Cougar Town - that’s not actually about cougars. If anything, Courteney may become the new face of cougars, and not for playing one on TV. More »