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Spoiler Alert: 9 Movies with Shameless Last-Minute Deaths

Spoiler Alert: 9 Movies with Shameless Last-Minute Deaths

One Day, the Anne Hathaway/Jim Sturgess will-they-or-won’t-they think piece, hit theaters this weekend. While it made a respectable showing at the box office, it bombed with the critics. Besides looking like found footage from Reality Bites, I think the movie’s surprise sad ending might have been the real nail in the coffin (spoiler alert: pun intended).

Movies pulling the old one-two emotional punch at the end is nothing new, but sometimes a character dies and you’re less “Boohoo” than “WTF?” Or at first you’re like “Boohoo,” but then later you’re like “Wait, seriously WTF?” Usually it’s because a character’s death seems not only sudden, but also totally unearned. In an instant, a movie becomes a sucker punch. Shame on you, Hollywood. You lazy sadists, you. Here are nine moves that pull the last-minute death trick: More »

Questionable Choices: Leighton Meester Play-Acts at Folk Singer

Questionable Choices: Leighton Meester Play-Acts at Folk Singer

Leighton Meester
is a 25-year-old actress known for portraying a well-bred rich kid from Manhattan on TV and recording saccharine electronic pop music. And yes, she also appeared in Country Strong — but was it Joni or Joan who said, “One role in a contrived film that happens to feature country musicians does not a folk singer make”? Oh, it was Bob Dylan! But he used a lot more metaphors. More »

Chick Flick Check List: Country Strong

Chick Flick Check List: Country Strong

Someone this week compared Country Strong to Showgirls, and I couldn’t help but agree. But then again, I loved Showgirls, which is pretty much my favorite bad movie of all time. If you’re considering going to see this movie, you should make sure you like two things: plaid and weepy, silly country music. Also, nonsense. Check out our Chick List rating to learn more. More »

Video: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Not So Strong Country Performance

Video: Gwyneth Paltrow's Not So Strong Country Performance

Gwyneth Paltrow has been everywhere lately. Her new film Country Song opens on Wednesday, and in addition to the star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame that she won this week, she’s been singing in all sorts of places. Her performances on Glee add the Country Music Awards have had mixed reactions. So how about this video of Gwyneth shaking her thing in a tiny dress directly from the movie? There’s definitely one bonus: a potential for upskirts. More »

‘Tron: Legacy’s’ Garrett Hedlund…Revealed!

'Tron: Legacy's' Garrett Hedlund...Revealed!

In 5 days, 26-year-old Garrett Hedlund will be up on a billion screens across America, clad in a skin-type CGI suit and dropped into a weird 3D wonderland full of beauty and danger. Tron: Legacy may as well be called “This year’s Avatar” for all the hype surrounding the special effects and ginormous budget that the film boasts, yet we haven’t really heard much about the Aussie actor Sam Worthington once he shed his Pandora layers.

So while we can’t put our money yet on Garrett becoming an A-list superstar, we do know a sexy body when we see one. Go ahead and ogle girls: he may not be around this time next year More »

Video: Leighton Meester Goes Country

Video: Leighton Meester Goes Country

Looks like Blair Waldorf’s stepped out of the Upper East Side. Leighton Meester sings a twangy song called “Words I Couldn’t Say” in Country Strong, the flick she’ll star in alongside Gwyneth Paltrow. In the film, Leighton will play a Bible-thumping country star called Chiles Stanton. Yes, Chiles Stanton. With a name like that, she’d never make it to the Met steps. More »

Crush Links: Taylor Swift’s Grudge Against Kanye

Crush Links: Taylor Swift's Grudge Against Kanye

Taylor Swift will not be accepting Kanye West‘s apology for his behavior at last year’s VMAs. (PopEater)

Ashton Kutcher is threatening to sue Star magazine for claiming he was caught canoodling with a woman who wasn’t Demi Moore. Maybe he shouldn’t have FourSquared his locale if he didn’t want the paps to show up? (CelebBuzz)

• You want to hear Gwyneth Paltrow singing in her Country Strong trailer? We thought not. (SlashFilms)

• Despite throwing a water balloon at a cop, Justin Bieber will not be facing charges. Right, because 16-year-olds who throw stuff at the police get away with a slap on the wrist all the time. (MTV)

Snooki doesn’t even make her own poof! (Perez Hilton)

Lady Gaga is trying to be just like a dead girl. (EntertainmentWise)

Jessica Simpson may not be on American Idol, but she will be a judge for Project Runway. Makes more sense, right? (Lainey Gossip)

Fantasia is so over her suicide attempt. (TMZ)

• You enjoying those topless pics of Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelorette? They were taken from when she was 15, you pervs. (RadarOnline) More »