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Crush Links: Kellan Lutz and Vampire Birthers

Crush Links: Kellan Lutz and Vampire Birthers

Kellan Lutz couldn’t handle the upcoming birth scene in the Twilight: Breaking Dawn without laughing. Oh, grow up. It’s an (un)natural part of life, Kellan! (People)

David Beckham‘s Bosnian hooker says she knows distinguishing characteristics about her lover’s penis to prove that she slept with him. Ooh, doooo tell. (Perez Hilton)

Lindsay Lohan was trying to sell photos to the paparazzi of her new SCRAM bracelet. Uh…that’s not how the paparazzi works, but good try. (The Superficial)

• Meanwhile, Taylor Swift will be replacing Lindsay Lohan in a new film called One Night With You. No, it’s not the Linda Lovelace biopic. (IDLYITW)

Trevor Donovan from 90210 has racked up a credit card debt that would pay off the entire coke habit of the characters from his show and still have enough left over for the kids from Gossip Girl. (TMZ)

• Someone gave Teresa Giudice another cookbook deal. Well, she’s only going to hide the money from that, as well. (The Frisky)

Sister Wives is already facing the law for its bigamy. Dammit, we knew we should have watched that premiere over Boardwalk Empire! (PopEater) More »