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CollegeHumor’s ‘Religious People Are Nerds’ Video Makes More Sense Than the Creation Story

CollegeHumor's 'Religious People Are Nerds' Video Makes More Sense Than the Creation Story

My high school was a Catholic private school, where the religious kids were the most popular and there wasn’t much of an arts scene. I was agnostic and into geeky things, so I didn’t hang out with the popular kids. Little did I know, however, that we were virtually the same people! Or so CollegeHumor says. Their new video “Religious People Are Nerds” makes several scarily-logical arguments, like how both social groups get fanatic about their beliefs and take their rules from bearded men. More »

Video: Guy Fieri and Professor Snape Brew a Mean Polyjuice Potion

Video: Guy Fieri and Professor Snape Brew a Mean Polyjuice Potion

It’s too bad that Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dementors can’t be a real thing, because this guy is killing it with his Guy Fieri impression. Really, it’s fitting that Guy and guest chef Severus Snape are whipping up some polyjuice potion, because these two imitations are both fantastic. You’ve got Guy rattling off his usual rhymes (“This is a funky, chunky, monkey, stunky, stinky brew”) and cooing over the “shredded boomslang skin” — and whoever plays Snape has Alan Rickman‘s sneering drawl down so perfectly that he should’ve stepped in for the Snape flashbacks in Deathly Hallows, Part 2. More »

Video: Don Draper is Your RA’s Worst Nightmare

Video: Don Draper is Your RA's Worst Nightmare

I love this CollegeHumor video because it combines my two greatest joys in the world: Mad Men and imagining my RA from freshman year totally getting cut down in front of all her incoming students. I mean really: who writes passive-aggressive notes about leaving out the soy milk on your quad’s white board the second day of orientation?

Then again, Don Draper never would have gone to Oberlin. Peggy, maybe.
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