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Video: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ Claymation-Style

Video: Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' Claymation-Style

The guy who made this has mostly been known for his Claymation reenactments of various scenes from the Saw franchise (available to watch on his YouTube Channel); now meet his latest creation, Claymation Lady Gaga. I find this video fascinating and disturbing, all at once. Then again, this is also how I feel about Lady Gaga in general, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised… More »

Celebrity Lookalikes: ‘Community’ Stars And Their Claymation Replicas

Celebrity Lookalikes: 'Community' Stars And Their Claymation Replicas

Last night was the super special all-claymation episode of Community! And we got to see animated Troys and Jeffs take a tour through Abed’s animated mind. We were amazed how beautiful the claymation was, and surprised how well the figures replicated their cast member counterparts. The holiday ep left us with only one question: Who’s cuter? The real actors or their animations? More »