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Clarissa Explains It All Is Coming Back As A Novel, Which Isn’t Nearly As Cool As Being On Nickelodeon

Clarissa Explains It All Is Coming Back As A Novel, Which Isn't Nearly As Cool As Being On Nickelodeon

Nearly two decades after Clarissa Darling began answering some of life’s hardest questions, like “What is Pearl Jam?” and “Why don’t cute guys climb ladders to my bedroom?” and ultimately defining my childhood, Clarissa Explains It All will be returning… as a novel.  Which is really cool and better than nothing, I guess, but if you’ve made us wait long enough that we’ve pretty much forgotten all about her couldn’t it at least come back on TV? More »

‘The ’90s Are All That’ Needs A Drink(ing Game)

'The '90s Are All That' Needs A Drink(ing Game)

You guys! The resurgence of ’90s Nickelodeon starts at midnight on July 25th! That’s TONIGHT! Now that we’re all old enough to drink, clearly the thing to do is to combine the booze with the ’90s and see what magnificent things happen. The starting lineup of “The ’90s Are All That” consists of All That, Clarissa Explains It All, Doug, and Kenan and Kel; later on down the line, such shows as The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Salute Your Shorts and Are You Afraid of the Dark? are set to make appearance, so it can only keep getting better. So tune into TeenNick from 12 to 4am, spike your chocolate milk, and play along with us. Ah, nostalgia! Tastes like booze! More »

Are You a Seacrest or a Dunkelman? ‘The 90s Are All That’ Edition

Are You a Seacrest or a Dunkelman? 'The 90s Are All That' Edition

This Monday at midnight Nickelodeon is starting to play some of your 90′s favorites again. While you might be looking forward to seeing Salute Your Shorts again, what about the kids who were on the show, and never did much acting again? Will they be able to look at their past fondly, or be utterly depressed at what might have been? Either way here are some kid stars who grew into their careers and have a ton of name recognition like American Idol judge Ryan Seacrest, and some associated with the shows no one heard from again, like Idol first season judge Brian Dunkleman? More »

TeenNick Brings Back ’90s Favorites, But Where Is ‘Roundhouse’?

TeenNick Brings Back '90s Favorites, But Where Is 'Roundhouse'?

If you grew up in the ’90s like I did, you are about to die of joy – the TeenNick channel is resurrecting some of its best programming, with classic episodes of Clarissa Explains It All, All That, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and other popular shows. The new programming block, “The ’90s Are All That,” will air on the channel between midnight and 2 AM, perfect time for 20somethings with insomnia to catch up on their favorite nostalgia programs. However, my all-time favorite Nick show, Roundhouse, remains a ghost. More »

Nostalgia Cameo: ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ Dad As Creepy Hunter Parish Stalker On ‘Weeds’

Nostalgia Cameo: 'Clarissa Explains It All' Dad As Creepy Hunter Parish Stalker On 'Weeds'

We’re not sure who out there is still watching Weeds these days, but they are certainly throwing in all the cameos this season! Not only are we looking forward to Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Richard Dreyfuss, but in the past three episodes we’ve been introduced to Jimmy Barrett from Mad Men (Patrick Fischler, who you may also remember from being that sneaky little tattle-tale in the Dharma Initiative), Peter Stormare from The Big Lebowski, and, of course, Alanis. But last week’s episode saw our favorite cameo of all…Joe O’Connor, aka Marshall Darling from Clarissa Explains It All, playing a weirdo who pays Hunter Parish’s Silus to sit in his underwear and read Choose Your Own Adventure books to him. Hey champ! More »