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First Look: Tom Hardy Looks More Silly Than Scary as Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

First Look: Tom Hardy Looks More Silly Than Scary as Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Aww, Tom Hardy‘s covered up his pretty face in order to play the new villain in Christopher Nolan‘s third and final Batman film. Add the shaved head (or skull cap), and he’s virtually unrecognizable as Bane, a prisoner injected with a serum that makes him ultra-strong and driven mad with vengeance. But even though this set photo was released over the weekend, I’m not really feeling Bane yet. More »

Movie Etiquette: When Is It OK to Laugh/Cry/Scream/Clap in the Theater?

Movie Etiquette: When Is It OK to Laugh/Cry/Scream/Clap in the Theater?

While writing up the Avengers teaser leak earlier today, I came across a great comment on YouTube complaining about audiences who go apeshit during a movie. The commenter asked, Why the hell do people in other countries cheer and clap during films? Yeah this was cool but how about trying to watch it? Is it an American thing? Having never seen a movie in a foreign country, I can’t answer the nationality part, but I can respond to the first part: Because it’s so much fun to share in the experience with everyone else. That said, not every movie warrants us to play Mystery Science Theater and talk back to the screen. Here’s a guide for when to cheer and when to shut yer trap. More »

Snap This: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Poster

Snap This: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Teaser Poster

Last night I found this teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises floating around Twitter — starting the promotion early since Christopher Nolan‘s latest Batman film doesn’t come out til next summer. While the posters for 2005′s The Dark Knight could use the Joker (Heath Ledger) and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to hype up the movie, this one seems more focused on the city of Gotham itself. As EW pointed out, the way that the infrastructure is crumbling resembles Nolan’s last big movie, Inception. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Dark Knight’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Dark Knight'

Not all classics were made before I was born. Though many of the movies I’ve watched so far for this feature have been older than me, I realized that there are plenty of contemporary movies I’ve missed out on. One of those was The Dark Knight, the movie that will probably always be best known for winning Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar. And while the film is well-directed, brilliantly acted, and has great art direction, it’s not a movie I plan to re-watch. Because even though The Dark Knight is a good movie, it wasn’t an enjoyable movie. It turns out that something can be of incredibly high quality and still be absolutely terrible to watch. More »

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard Casting, Plus 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Talia al Ghul

'The Dark Knight Rises': Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard Casting, Plus 5 Things You Didn't Know About Talia al Ghul

Remember all that crazy speculation about who Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing in The Dark Knight Rises? Well, the verdict is in, and we done been trolled. Gordon-Levitt will not be playing Alberto Falcone. He will not be playing Black Mask. He will certainly not be playing the Riddler. He WILL, however, be playing John Blake, “a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon,” according to the official press release.

I would give you a rundown of five things you didn’t know about John Blake, but due to the fact that Blake is an original character who has never appeared in any of the comics, I sort of, um, can’t. More »

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Mask

'The Dark Knight Rises': 5 Things You Didn't Know About Black Mask

Okay, okay, we lied: In spite of the fact that two days ago, Variety was reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was set to play Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises, this may not actually be the case. Of course, all we’ve got at this juncture is that “a source close to the situation” has stated that the casting rumor is incorrect, and given that the rumor initially came from “insiders” connected to the film, it’s anyone’s guess who’s right– if, in fact, ANYONE is right. Other rumors have speculated that our pal Joe will actually be playing Black Mask. So who’s Black Mask? Allow me to enlighten you: More »

‘The Dark Knight Rises’: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alberto Falcone

'The Dark Knight Rises': 5 Things You Didn't Know About Alberto Falcone

Today in super hero news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed as Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone (played by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins) in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises. Early rumors had Levitt pegged as the Riddler, but I actually think this is a much more interesting choice. Back in the early days of Batman, the Rogue’s Gallery as we know it didn’t exist. Yep, you heard me: no acid-disfigured mad men, no crazed psychologists who fall for their patients, no riddling supergeniuses– just mob boss crime lords like the Maroni family (one of Batman’s earliest adversaries, which made its first appearance in 1942). The Falcone family made its debut in Frank Miller’s masterpiece Batman: Year One in 1987, and his son Alberto first appeared in the 1996 story The Long Halloween. Here are five things you didn’t know about Batman’s newest villain: More »