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Crush Links: Kim Kardashian’ Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Crush Links: Kim Kardashian' Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Kim Kardashian‘s heels were killing her at her recent birthday party: the spiky Louboutins cut into her feet and made her fall. A fashion martyr! (People)

Beyonce‘s mom says rumors of her daughter’s pregnancy have been greatly exaggerated. (Just Jared)

Tavi totally knows what’s in Christine O’Donnell’s closet right now (besides a sacrificial goat). (The Frisky)

• Sexy Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his team’s recent win by taking off his shirt. (Goal)

• He may be joking about the featured phoenix from the video, but the ideas for Kanye‘s video Runway came from a very dark place. Specifically, the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs. (MTV) More »

Sex on the Wire: Christine O’Donnell’s Bed Intruder Ad

Sex on the Wire: Christine O'Donnell's Bed Intruder Ad

• Hey ladies! It’s still a “red flag” if a guy doesn’t pay the entirety of your first date together. Yay feminism? (Betty Confidential)

• The sexiest photo you’ll see all day: Zach Galifianakis in a bathing suit. (The Frisky)

• Complain about sex parties occuring on school grounds is enough to get you fired from your teaching job in Texas now. (Nerve)

• Are you really attracted to guys with 6-pack abs? (The Gloss)

• Turn out that cloning ain’t got nothing on good old fashion boning. (MSNBC)

Nick James, husband of Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ porn mistresses, swears he’ll release a sex tape of his wife and the golfer. Just what we were asking for! (Huffington Post)

Christine O’Donnell has a sense of humor! Her latest ad rips on that awesome bed intruder song. (Urlesque) More »

Gallery: ‘Slutty’ Halloween Costumes For Guys

Gallery: 'Slutty' Halloween Costumes For Guys

We’re getting a little tired of all these innappropriate “sexy” Halloween costumes for women. Sure, a slutty Snooki sounds funny now (though a little redundant), and a sexy Christine O’Donnell might overtake the sexy Sarah Palin outfit for those political humor types, but why should only women be objectified on this holiday? That’s why we’ve created a gallery of sexy/slutty Halloween costumes for dudes. And no, you can’t be a sexy Edward Cullen. That’s lame. More »

Sex On the Wire: Getting Horny To Christine O’Donnell

Sex On the Wire: Getting Horny To Christine O'Donnell

• We knew it was only a matter of time before National “Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell” Season got going. NSFW (Fleshbot)

• What’s the best reason to hit on American Apparel employees? Discounts, d’uh! (Nerve)

• A study showed that the kids of Dutch parents who let their offspring have unsupervised smush sessions for some allotted amount of time actually ended up with lower STI and pregnancy rates. Which makes sense, because if mom is telling us to go have sex then we totally won’t do it. You’re not the boss of me! (CollegeCandy)

• For men, marriage is all about the face; for hookups, it’s all about the body. Either way, it’s entirely superficial. (YourTango)

• 15 things guys think is romantic but women secretly hate. Like when you buy us chocolate and roses. Yeah, GROSS! (The Frisky) More »

Sex On the Wire: Plugged In While Plugging Away

Sex On the Wire: Plugged In While Plugging Away

• A large portion of America thinks its fine to leave your computer/cell/whatever on during sex. We mean…yeah, what are you supposed to take the time to power down in the heat of passion? (Yahoo)

• A response to Christine O’Donnell’s masturbation PSA…10 years later. (YourTango)

• Reading books about vampires actually change the way your brain works. Well we already knew it makes you crazy. (BettyConfidential)

• Studies prove that women find older men even sexier now. Great. What about older women? (Lemondrop)

• Another “no ‘duh” moment: Being in a relationship means you hang out less with your friends. Sad, but totally true. (Nerve)

• Dude this GOP strategist lady will not stop hitting on poor Tony Blair. She even says he looks like he has a high “threshold for pain.” (At the 6 minute mark) (MSNBC) More »

Video: Delaware’s Possible Senator Christine O’Donnell’s 90s MTV Masturbation PSA

Video: Delaware's Possible Senator Christine O'Donnell's 90s MTV Masturbation PSA

Last night, Christine O’Donnell won the Republican nomination for senator in the primaries in Delaware, beating out longtime congressman Mike Castle. Some Republicans are not happy about this, because Christine is well…kind of nutty. Check out this PSA she made in the 90′s for MTV, as the lead organizer of The S.A.L.T. (the Saviors’ Alliance for Lifting the Truth). Turns out, not only is premarital sex is a sin, but so is touching yourself…down there. And here are the Bible passages to prove it! More »