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17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like They’re Wearing A Halloween Costume

17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like Theyâre Wearing A Halloween Costume

Some celebrities spend their entire year — nay their entire lives – planning their Halloween costumes. At least I assume that’s what’s happening, because there’s no way that humans would choose to dress like this on an everyday basis for no reason, right? I mean, right?!? I have to believe that there’s a greater purpose or deeper meaning behind these insane fashion choices. More »

Good For Christina Aguilera For…Losing Weight When The Internet Told Her To

Good For Christina Aguilera For...Losing Weight When The Internet Told Her To

Apparently Christina Aguilera has lost a considerable amount of weight recently, which would be great if the internet wasn’t talking about it so weirdly. As you may recall, Christina has been being fat-shamed from near and far lately, because as a society, we believe that if someone puts their face on our televisions, that automatically gives us clearance to discuss the intricacies of their bodies while simultaneously ignoring any and all relevant details to their life. More »