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What’s Tom Cruise’s $400,000/Year In Child Support Paying For?

What's Tom Cruise's $400,000/Year In Child Support Paying For?

As more details emerge about the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Katie is walking away with very little despite the fact that she bore Xenu‘s seed for Tom. Suri Cruise, however, is making out like a tiny, well dressed bandit what with all the cash she’ll be raking in. According to TMZ, Tom has been ordered to pay $400,000/year in child support, or $33,333/month, which should be enough to pay for…what, exactly? Here are some childhood necessities that Suri could use that money to buy each month. More »

Jon Gosselin Says He’s Too Broke To Pay Child Support – Try Getting A Job, Buddy!

Jon Gosselin Says Heâs Too Broke To Pay Child Support â Try Getting A Job, Buddy!

Back in the early days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 – long before Kate Gosselin‘s trashy makeover and Jon Gosselin‘s complete sketchiness – I loved this family. It’s embarrassing to admit but I’m telling you – they were once endearing and dare I say it, real. I always felt badly for Jon, though, because even the likable Kate was a total control freak who was constantly bossing him around. Then again, I often felt badly for Kate because she had to do everything (come to think of it, she was probably the one to dub Fifty Shades Mommy Porn; I mean, imagine that woman relinquishing control). More »