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Video: Stephen Colbert and The Roots Perform ‘Friday’

Video: Stephen Colbert and The Roots Perform 'Friday'

Stephen Colbert announced that he would join band The Roots to perform a cover of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” if fans helped raise $26,000 for Colbert’s favorite charity, DonorsChoose. (Editor’s note: DonorsChoose is awesome!) Not only did viewers raise the money, but NBC matched the amount. Last night, the performance happened on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (the Roots are Fallon’s house band), and it was every bit as glorious as you thought it would be. More »

Fan Service: What You Can Do to Help Japan

Fan Service: What You Can Do to Help Japan

Often fandom is viewed as an insular, even selfish community dedicated only to discussion and art related to their specific series. As we saw with the whole Firefly fiasco last week, fans can drum up bad press by appearing way too single-minded.

However, those negative incidents don’t characterize fandom as a whole. For every natural catastrophe that has occurred over the past eight years, I’ve witnessed LiveJournal fan communities unite to raise funds for emergency aid organizations. Their latest efforts, centered in the multi-fandom, multimedia community Help Japan, are reminiscent of the actions that fans took after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. More »

Hey, You Could Totally Win Neko Case’s Car!

Hey, You Could Totally Win Neko Case's Car!

Crushable favorite Neko Case is auctioning off a 1967 Mercury Cougar to benefit 826 National, the Dave Eggers-founded charity that helps kids hone their writing skills. The awesome cherry red muscle car was featured on the cover of Neko’s latest album, Middle Cyclone, and is one of many prizes the auction promises to yield. Tickets are $45 and for a good cause — what are you waiting for? More »