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Did Natalie Portman Secretly Get Married? [UPDATED]

Did Natalie Portman Secretly Get Married? [UPDATED]

Natalie Portman made her triumphant return to the Oscars this past Sunday with a jealousy-inspiring post baby body (normal for Hollywood) and an in-tact relationship with her baby daddy/last year’s date (impressive for Hollywood). She was also wearing an extra ring on her wedding finger, which is making some folks think she might have pulled a fast one on us and gotten married without so much as a grainy camera phone pic leaking out to the tabloids. Sneaky Natalie Portman! More »

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Menu Was Fairly Boring Compared to the Beef Sliders at Khloe’s Wedding

Kim Kardashian's Wedding Menu Was Fairly Boring Compared to the Beef Sliders at Khloe's Wedding

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the food that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries served at their wedding over the weekend. The salad, pasta, and chicken dishes sound healthy and gourmet. It’s just kind of a let-down, especially when you remember what foods guests got to nosh on at sister Khloe‘s wedding in 2009. More »

Kim Kardashian’s Pretty Cheap When It Comes to Wedding Favors

Kim Kardashian's Pretty Cheap When It Comes to Wedding Favors

With all the money that Kim Kardashian is getting out of her lavish wedding to Kris Humphries, you would think that she could’ve afforded to splurge a little more on the guests’ party favors! Thanks to her public wedding registry, we know that Kim asked her guests for gifts like Hermes porcelain plates ($200+ a pop) and that infamous $7,000 vase. And what did her celebrity attendees get in return? More »

You Can’t Really Blame Tara Reid’s Rep for Giving the Wrong Name for Her New Husband

You Can't Really Blame Tara Reid's Rep for Giving the Wrong Name for Her New Husband

Proof that you’re jumping into an unwise Hollywood marriage: Your representative doesn’t even know the lucky guy’s name. Tara Reid surprised us (but in some ways, didn’t surprise us) by getting engaged and married within a few days, during her stay in Greece this past week and weekend. She tweeted the happy news but didn’t mention the guy’s name, so her rep Jack Ketsoyan filled in the spaces for news outlets. Problem is, he told everyone that Tara got hitched to her ex-boyfriend, Danish businessman Michael Lillelund. More »

16 Memorable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

16 Memorable Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Let’s face it: There’s really only one reason we’re interested in celebrity weddings, and that reason is the dresses. Whether they’re absolutely gorgeous or staggeringly awful, we love seeing what famous people are wearing. Feel like oggling some crazy dresses for a minute? Take a peek here! Some of them are beautiful and some of them are atrocious, but either way, these dresses are likely to stick in your memory. Strike up the band and get that aisle ready! More »

Snap This: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Registry

Snap This: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Registry

It’s nothing but the best for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who are asking their wedding guests to pony up for $200 silverware, bedazzled napkin rings, and a $1,650 coffee pot. If you’re a celebrity attendee who’s been in court lately and is strapped for cash, you could always go with the glass wisdom figurines, which are only $735. And does the publicly-available registry also reveal their wedding date? More »

Questionable Choices: Candice Crawford’s Wedding Dress Looks Heavy

Questionable Choices: Candice Crawford's Wedding Dress Looks Heavy

Sometimes women go on Say Yes to the Dress and have no idea what they want to wear to their wedding. And some women, like Candice Crawford, have had the dress picked out for ages. Candice, who married Dallas Cowboys quarterback (and Jessica Simpson ex) Tony Romo in Texas over Memorial Day weekend, already had her dream dress in mind and ordered it as soon as she got engaged. The dress (pictured, but not on Candice) is beautiful, but it looks really heavy and much too warm for a summer wedding in the Texas heat. More »