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Celebrity Rehab Revisited Continues To Present Addiction As A Fantasy

Celebrity Rehab Revisited Continues To Present Addiction As A Fantasy

The Real World created the genre of voyeurism-as-entertainment and Big Brother took it to its logical extreme — but I would argue there’s never been a television program more sickeningly voyeuristic than Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The behind-the-scenes look at addiction and recovery boasts five seasons and a spin-off, Sober House, and last night VH1 premiered its new offering in the franchise, Celebrity Rehab Revisited. More »

Kate Major Tells Crushable She Isn’t Going to Rehab and Still Hates Kim G.

Kate Major Tells Crushable She Isn't Going to Rehab and Still Hates Kim G.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major may no longer be dating, but thanks to reality TV timelines, we’re still stuck in the middle of their break-up. On Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Rehab, Kate and Michael had an explosive fight about a paparazzi photograph of Michael kissing Real Housewives of New Jersey hanger-on Kim G. Michael said it was a publicity photo, but on Tuesday, Kim helpfully posted a video explaining that the kiss was real, and taunting Kate that she and Michael are now an item.

But Kate wasn’t ready to let that lie. She gave Crushable a call yesterday to clarify her feelings about Kim G., and how her career as a celebrity reporter did not prepare her for being in the spotlight. More »

‘Real Housewife’ Kim G’s Kiss with Michael Lohan Might Be Real, But Her Video Challenge to Kate Major Is Just Pathetic

'Real Housewife' Kim G's Kiss with Michael Lohan Might Be Real, But Her Video Challenge to Kate Major Is Just Pathetic

We really don’t care if Michael Lohan‘s kiss with Real Housewives of New Jersey cockroach Kim G was for the benefit of either of their reality-TV careers — and yet, we can’t stop watching this video that Celebrity Magnet posted to YouTube! Kim’s officially gone off the deep end and no longer functions according to human emotions like humiliation. How else would she be able to admit to dating Michael Lohan (yuck) and taunt his girlfriend Kate Major, and not curl up into a little ball of agony at how stupid she looks? More »

Audrina Patridge’s New Reality Show Is Her Mom Lynn’s Audition for ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Audrina Patridge's New Reality Show Is Her Mom Lynn's Audition for 'Celebrity Rehab'

Audrina Patridge was one of the blandest cast members on the superbland The Hills, but she somehow managed to finagle her own Vh1 reality show, Audrina. Most of the segments from the show – Audrina taking a polo lesson! Audrina hanging out with her boyfriend! – would actually benefit from being scripted, and Audrina herself is not dynamic on camera. The only person on the show who is compelling to watch is Audrina’s mom Lynn Patridge, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Lynn is best known for being caught on tape making a profanity-laden rant about Audrina’s stint on Dancing with the Stars and how much Lauren Conrad sucks. Her role on Audrina’s show was clearly intended as damage control, and Lynn even addressed the controversy in the first episode. More »

Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Not Being an Addict Is Nothing New for 'Celebrity Rehab'

This week, former Real Housewives of DC cast member Michaele Salahi was booted from Vh1′s Celebrity Rehab when it was revealed she wasn’t addicted to anything (except, possibly, famewhoring). While it seems like Celebrity Rehab did the right thing by kicking out someone who wasn’t genuine, they’ve kept people on in the past for the same thing. Last season, former Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz mistress Rachel Uchitel claimed that she was addicted to love (somebody cue Robert Palmer!) and that going into rehab helped her hide out from the press, who was “lynching” her. She spent the entire season sucking up air time and space that could have been better devoted to actual addicts like Jason Davis and Leif Garrett. More »

‘Celebrity Rehab’ Wasn’t Able to Help Alice In Chains’ Mike Starr

'Celebrity Rehab' Wasn't Able to Help Alice In Chains' Mike Starr

As much as Celebrity Rehab gets headlines for the crazy behavior of its participants (cough cough Jeff Conaway), there are quite a few genuine, heartbreaking cases of people trying to work through addiction on each season. One of the stories that I found particularly touching was that of Mike Starr. The former bassist for Alice in Chains, Starr had done drugs alongside friend and bandmate Layne Staley and admitted on the show that he may have been the last person to have seen Staley alive (Staley died of a heroin overdose in 2002). In one of the few genuinely touching moments of that season of Celebrity Rehab, Staley’s mother Nancy came on the show and told Mike that she forgave him and urged him to turn his life around. More »