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Gallery: Beyonce Should’ve Used One Of These Movies’ Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

Gallery: Beyonce Should've Used One Of These Movies' Fake (And Indestructible) Baby Bumps

For someone so rich, Beyoncé sure was a cheapskate when she bought her fake pregnancy belly. The thing deflated when she did something so simple as sit down for an interview! (Also, in .gif form.) Whether Bey was faking it until her surrogate popped out a baby or what, she really should’ve gone the movie route and invested in a reliable fake belly. Consider the faux-baby bumps in our gallery—these have survived the slapstick of rom-coms and fight sequences in epic fantasy films. They could’ve made it through an eleven-minute interview. More »

Infographic: Is This Female Celebrity Pregnant?

Infographic: Is This Female Celebrity Pregnant?

If a female celebrity gains a little weight, eats a sandwich, or wears a dress that isn’t snug in the waist, it’ll take about ten minutes for a tabloid to run a headline speculating that she’s pregnant, preferably with a handy red arrow pointing at her stomach. This handy flow chart will help you figure out whether a female celebrity is knocked up at any given time. More »