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10 Ways Woody Woodpecker‘s Producers Could Update Their Movie For The Kids Of Today

10 Ways Woody Woodpecker's Producers Could Update Their Movie For The Kids Of Today

As you may know by now, someone at Illumination Entertainment has decided it’s a good idea to do a feature-length remake of Woody Woodpecker, i.e. the most annoying Looney Tunes character of all time. The project already has John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, who co-wrote the Will Ferrell vehicle Blades of Glory, attached, and they promise to “modernize” the film for present day audiences. This may be tricky, though, as kids in 2011 are a great deal more worldly than they were in the 1940s, when the character was first introduced. Here are some helpful suggestions as to how the new Woody Woodpecker movie might best appeal to the famewhoring Myspace gremlins of today. More »

Is ‘Doug’ the Original Hipster?

Is 'Doug' the Original Hipster?

I have fond memories of Doug. Of the three original Nicktoons, it was by far my favorite, and I know I’m not alone in my love of green sweater-vests. But I’ll admit, I do frequently wonder: Is Doug the original hipster? Is he, in fact, responsible for an entire generation of hipsters? Maybe. Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we? More »

Video Gallery: The Best of ‘My Little Pony’ Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Video Gallery: The Best of 'My Little Pony' Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Once upon a time, I saw one of the funniest mash-ups in the history of funny mash-ups: The “Madonna” speech from Reservoir Dogs laid over a scene from a My Little Pony cartoon. Alas, this piece of hilarity seems to have vanished, for I can no longer find it, which means that sadly, I cannot share it with you, Gentle Readers. However, in its stead, I offer these other mash-ups, in the hopes that they may provide you with much jollity and good feeling. Lord of the Rings? Got it. Scott Pilgrim? Got that, too. How about some Michael Bay? Come on down! Welcome to the Internet’s Best My Little Pony Mash-Ups! More »

Why Do Animators Feel the Need to Sex Up Female Cartoon Characters?

Why Do Animators Feel the Need to Sex Up Female Cartoon Characters?

So it turns out the Thundercats reboot is definitely coming to Cartoon Network, and even has a trailer. But aside from the souped-up graphics thanks to CGI, we couldn’t help but notice a big change. Two big changes, if you will.

That’s right, Cheetara went up at least a cup size, got luscious locks, and is basically a tarted-up version of the perfectly acceptable Cheetara we knew from the ’80s. But more and more, those in charge of animated characters — be it studios, producers, or the animators themselves — have decided that “update for a new generation” means “make sexier.” More »

Video: Get Nostalgic With the ‘Rugrats’ Pilot Episode

Video: Get Nostalgic With the 'Rugrats' Pilot Episode

Who here remembers their first Nicktoon? I know I do! Come take a trip down memory lane with me: The original unaired pilot for Rugrats has surfaced and is currently available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. The animation looks a little less polished and there’s a different actress voicing Tommy, but Grampa’s glasses, Deedee and Stu’s hair, and Spike the dog’s lovably disgusting behavior are all still there, just as they should be. Hum along with the familiar theme song and check it out below: More »