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The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night’s Episode Was The Worst

The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night's Episode Was The Worst

Okay, Glee. I’m a little insulted by last night’s episode. As someone who just spent four years studying magazines in college and doing internship after internship and who moved to New York City right after graduation to find a magazine job and STILL hasn’t found one, I’m super annoyed at your portrayal of Kurt and his internship at More »

Is Michael Patrick King’s ’2 Broke Girls’ Just Another ‘Sex And The City’?

Is Michael Patrick Kingâs '2 Broke Girls' Just Another 'Sex And The City'?

With fall just around the corner, television networks have been plugging away at promoting their newest fall comedy lineups. Many of the offerings are relying on star-power, like Zooey Deschanel’s latest vehicle The New Girl or the new and possibly improved Two and a Half Men (now with Ashton Kutcher). Then are there are shows banking on proven track-records, such as 2 Broke Girls, created by stand-up Whitney Cummings and Sex and the City show-runner, Michael Patrick King.

But King doesn’t appreciate the comparisons to SATC, as easy as they are to make. More »