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Jessica Chastain Is The MVP Of Movies For 2011

Jessica Chastain Is The MVP Of Movies For 2011

One of the sweetest quotes that actress Jessica Chastain has given in interviews is about how she had the bad luck to shoot a bunch of movies several years ago that, as of May 2011, hadn’t been released:

“It’s insane. I did some of these movies four years ago. My poor mother, I tell her I’m doing a movie with Al Pacino, I’m in a movie with Brad Pitt, she tells all her friends and years go by and the movie doesn’t come out, and now she’s like, ‘erm… I don’t know what you’re doing in LA but you’re not doing movies!’” More »

5 Facts About Brad Pitt’s ‘Tree of Life’ Co-Star Jessica Chastain

5 Facts About Brad Pitt's 'Tree of Life' Co-Star Jessica Chastain

Brad Pitt‘s new movie The Tree of Life got booed at Cannes, but because the famously reclusive director Terrence Malick wasn’t there, Pitt had to defend the film to reporters alone. But what about the third person in this equation, his on-screen wife Jessica Chastain? Billed alongside Pitt and Malick, this breakout star resembles Bryce Dallas Howard and Christina Hendricks but cultivates a different look. When an interviewer had trouble finding her in a crowded room, Chastain laughed it off and said, “I don’t look modern. I’m not the girl that would walk into the room and everyone goes, ‘Oh!’” Here’s what else we know about Chastain. More »