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What do you get when you buy a $50 cat calendar? – Cats in designer clothing, duh. “In this photo, Oscar, Mr. February, wears a regatta blazer with striped trim and a white shirt dress.” Great, now my cat’s going to ask for that for Christmas. (NY Times)

Cutegreggator: ‘Hot Guys And Baby Animals’

Cutegreggator: 'Hot Guys And Baby Animals'

Hot Guys and Baby Animals is the name of our new favorite 2011 calendar. It features, in gorgeous imagery, a different example of WWII-era modernist architecture for every month. Juuust kidding – it’s hot guys and baby animals! Our fav dude is Adam, who poses with a baby kitten, but you many differ in your specific boy/critter tastes. FYI, the calendar’s profits go to animal rescue organizations like SF SPCA and Bunny World Foundation — so check out more info here! More »

Sex On The Wire: Barbie Strips For Calendar

Sex On The Wire: Barbie Strips For Calendar

• WeVibe: The confusing couples vibrator that will stop divorces! (The Gloss)

• Because Barbie can’t put herself though computer engineering school without a little help, she’d made a naked calendar. Creepy! (The Frisky)

• Whether you’re a male nurse or a female truck driver, people at jobs associated with the opposite gender are criticized more for their mess-ups. You lied, Free To Be You And Me! (Lemondrop) More »