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Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Pettyfer Both Want Alex Pettyfer to Star in ‘Glamorama’

Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Pettyfer Both Want Alex Pettyfer to Star in 'Glamorama'

Last we heard, the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis‘ novel Glamorama (about models-turned-terrorists) was stalled, with director Roger Avary to helm it but no actual deal worked out. Avary adapted The Rules of Attraction as well as Glitterati, a short film that acts as sort of a bridge between the two books — so he seems to have the support of all involved. But now there may be a new entrant to Ellis’ world: Current Hollywood bad boy Alex Pettyfer. More »

Celeb Tweetup: Histrionical

Celeb Tweetup: Histrionical

As a celebrity, it must sometimes be difficult to connect to important world events from your golden bathtub of champagne bubbles. And even if you are somehow able to get news (via your robot butler), you might not even be able to comprehend it, as your worldview is so different from normal plebians. That’s why we like to see people like today’s celebrity tweeters making that honest effort to understand global issues, even if that means just thinking really hard of a way to relate it back to yourself. More »

This Week’s Best Of Crushable

This Week's Best Of Crushable

Unless you spent the whole week watching the premieres of every single episode of everything on TV this week, you may have missed some stuff. (Hopefully not The Event! How can you miss The Event??!) Between Glee, My Generation, The Office, 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire, Undercovers, Going Wilde, The Good Guys, and…a bunch of other stuff either making their debut or coming back on air, it was hard to keep track of all our old friends and new characters. Luckily, Crushable is here to help. Here’s what you missed: More »

Video: Bret Easton Ellis’ Fake CW Show Is A Joke That Takes Itself Very Seriously

Video: Bret Easton Ellis' Fake CW Show Is A Joke That Takes Itself Very Seriously

When our sister site TheGloss posted this video today for All That Glitters, we were like “Ha, yeah, we get the joke…Rules of Attraction is basically Gossip Girl, but with more (less?) abortions.” But the thing is, Bret Easton Ellis would kill to have a show on the CW. He already admitted The Hills is the best thing on TV, ever. And lets not get highbrow here, his BFF Jay McInerney was already on Gossip Girl. More »

Bret Easton Ellis’ Baby-Sitters Club: Stacey and Dawn’s Big Adventure, Pt. 2

Bret Easton Ellis' Baby-Sitters Club: Stacey and Dawn's Big Adventure, Pt. 2

See the previous 4 installments of this series here.

When we finally got to our hotel (some fancy Trump building that I had written down but immediately forgotten the name of as soon as we checked it) the TV was already on: Overly bright, somehow menacingly swathes of colors showed a cartoon chihuahua doing unspeakable things to his friend, a fat blob of a cat. Dawn, who had been holding out on me the entire train ride from Stoneybrook, immediately flopped down on the bed, riding her sugar high and giggling like an idiot. I was very, very thirsty. More »

The Best of Crushable

The Best of Crushable

From Tiki Barber‘s girlfriend Traci Johnson writing her 1st hand account for us to The Situation joining Dancing with the Stars and looking to make $5 million next year, we had a pretty ridiculous week. Please, won’t you take a look back with us?

• Guest of a Guest and Crushable team up to bring your our 3rd installment of TV Moments Reenacted by Party Guests.

• Vampire real estate tax laws and fairies on True Blood.

The Situation is out to make $5 million next year, and that’s even before we knew he was Dancing with the Stars.
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Bret Easton Ellis’ Baby-Sitters Club Chapter Four: Stacey and Dawn’s Big Adventure, Pt. 1

Bret Easton Ellis' Baby-Sitters Club Chapter Four: Stacey and Dawn's Big Adventure, Pt. 1

See the previous three installments of this series here.

When the guy at the ticket counter asked where two young pretty girls like us were going on a school day, I almost wanted to tell him whatever train got me to Newark Aiport the fastest. Then it would be a five hour flight to LAX, or maybe John Wayne. Then what, another hour or so before I could be on the outskirts of Anaheim, watching the faces of my brother Jeff and my dad as I ran into the house. Yeah, right. Nice fantasy and all, but I probably couldn’t pick Jeff out of a lineup these days which – from the brief overheard fights I can hear my mom having in the study these days – he’ll actually be a part of soon enough. Just another fantasy about getting the hell out of Connecticut and the stifling suburbs. More »