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Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Have ‘A Life Of Their Own’, But No Oscar Nominations

Jennifer Lawrence's Boobs Have 'A Life Of Their Own', But No Oscar Nominations

Gone are the days when reporters ask actors about their preparation for a movie role or about charities they’re particularly invested in. These days, you just get out your tripping-foot and stick out your microphone and wait for a starlet to stumble into you so you can ask questions about their jiggly bits. Enter Jennifer Lawrence and her breasts. More »

Britney’s New Addiction

Britney's New Addiction

Did Britney kick out her drug & alcohol addiction for a new cosmetic surgery addiction? According to the latest LIFE&STYLE she did and simply would not stop… According to the tabloid, Britney had liposuction, multiple breast augmentations, botox, and visited … More »