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Hot Shot: Vincent Piazza, Ashlee Simpson’s New Boyfriend

Hot Shot: Vincent Piazza, Ashlee Simpson's New Boyfriend

This is Vincent Piazza from Boardwalk Empire — you know, that show you spent eight hours of your life trying so hard to like, until finally you realized, “You know what? I have free will and, frankly, this series is boring so I’m not going to watch it. I’m just going to shut it off and read a book. A celebrity biography, maybe.” And then you walked around all huffy for two days, with a sense of moral superiority. Am I projecting?

Anyway, Vincent Piazza plays the character Lucky Luciano in Boardwalk, and he’s totally dating Ashlee Simpson: the two have been spotted making out all over town. Not a bad rebound if we say so ourselves. More »

How Typecasting Can Ruin a TV Show for Fans

How Typecasting Can Ruin a TV Show for Fans

Columnist Andy Greenwald’s piece “The HBO Actor Recycling Program” is funny, especially when you look at the chart detailing the 66 actors who have had at least 3 major parts on an HBO program since 1997′s Oz, but it also introduces a troubling idea: When actors get typecast, it diminishes the viewing experience for us viewers because we often can predict the twists and reveals related to their new characters.

It’s the same thing I said (albeit tongue-in-cheek) in my post about how I’m creeped out by Keith David no matter what role he’s in, thanks to his drug dealer part in Requiem for a Dream. More »