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Ovarian Cancer Twice Before 30: Diem Brown On The Fight(s) Of Her Life

Ovarian Cancer Twice Before 30: Diem Brown On The Fight(s) Of Her Life

You may remember ovarian cancer survivor Diem Brown from her stints on MTV’s The Challenge: Fresh Meat (formerly Real World/Road Rules Challenge), The Challenge: The Duel, and The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes. She’s a nice girl in the body of a badass: kicking butt and taking names on TV, and serving as a vocal advocate for cancer patients offscreen. Diem was originally diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 23. Now, six years later, she’s fighting it for the second time. More »

Now Gabby Douglas Is Going To Angelina Jolie’s Hairstylist; Even He Thinks It’s Ridiculous

Now Gabby Douglas Is Going To Angelina Jolieâs Hairstylist; Even He Thinks Itâs Ridiculous

The media frenzy surrounding Gabby Douglas‘ hair has become one of the most-cited examples of how the media got female athletes wrong in this year’s Olympics. But the story hasn’t blown over: Daily Beast announced today that the 16-year-old gymnast will be seeing Angelina Jolie‘s hairstylist, Ted Gibson…but even he agrees that the whole thing is fairly ridiculous. More »

Before Rihanna: Celebs (And A U.S. President) Who Injected Vitamins

Before Rihanna: Celebs (And A U.S. President) Who Injected Vitamins

Apparently, the vitamin drip is “trending in Hollywood.” A photo tweeted last month by Rihanna with her arm hooked up to an I.V. drip has exacerbated reports that Hollywood’s latest health fad is “the party girl drip,” a cocktail of B and C vitamins and minerals like zinc and magnesium taken intravenously. ABC News reports that spas and private clinics are increasingly offering these drips as a way to boost energy or cure hangovers More »

From “Scary Skinny” To “Full-Figured”: 5 Celebs Who Have Been Snarked For Both

From âScary Skinnyâ To âFull-Figuredâ: 5 Celebs Who Have Been Snarked For Both

Some celebrities are consistently being bashed for the same thing–Rachel Zoe is always “scary skinny,” like at last week’s Met Gala, for example–and that is upsetting. However, it’s not quite as disappointing as the body-snarking that happens to celebs who, like a lot of us, aren’t one body type or another. These women, whose weight fluctuates depending on, say, the role they’re playing, the workout they’re into, or what’s happening in their life, can’t ever seem to get it right. This does not send a great message to the rest of us. More »

8 Unpleasantly Problematic Things Ric Delgado Said About ‘Plump’ Female Musicians

8 Unpleasantly Problematic Things Ric Delgado Said About âPlumpâ Female Musicians

Ric Delgado is a music writer for local paper Broward New Times, and yesterday, he really, really bombed his job—nay, life—with an article for their music blog titled “Eight Pleasantly Plump Female Musicians We’d Like to Get Down With.” It was problematic, as you can gather from title alone, and it was also taken down today (but GirlGroup has screenshots of the original post) with an apology from Delgado himself, along with a link to a well-written follow up from his bewildered colleague, Arielle Castillo, about why it wasn’t OK.

There are so many things that Ric got wrong, it was hard to choose just eight, but here are our highlights: More »

Try Natural Hair And Skin Products This Spring…Without Spending A Fortune

Try Natural Hair And Skin Products This Springâ¦Without Spending A Fortune

ing to all-natural beauty products is something a lot of us put low on the list of health goals; it’s expensive and time-consuming to try new products until you find the ones you like! But Birchbox leaves no excuses: They send monthly beauty product sample deliveries direct to your door, giving you a way to try all kinds of deluxe beauty products — makeup, hair care, beauty tools, etc. — without spending a lot of money. And their April box is full of skincare that has nourishing natural ingredients and healthy hair products. More »

Critics Call Jennifer Lawrence Too Fat For Hunger Games Role; Since When Does Hollywood Care About Realistic Bodies?

Critics Call Jennifer Lawrence Too Fat For Hunger Games Role; Since When Does Hollywood Care About Realistic Bodies?

Manohla DargisNew York Times review of The Hunger Games finally came out and said what many been thinking: As described by author Suzanne Collins, Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen, is a pre-teen girl on the brink of starvation; in the movie she doesn’t look emaciated or particularly pre-pubescent…in essence, Lawrence is too fat for her role. The knee-jerk reaction is of course to say that this is body-negative and defend Lawrence’s great body and attitude about her weight. But objectively, it’s true: I’ve read the books, and Lawrence certainly isn’t the Katniss Everdeen I imagined. The critiques aren’t body-negative because they’re unfounded—they’re body-negative because no one bats an eyelash when actresses are too thin or beautiful to be convincing in their roles, but when it’s the other way around, it’s a perfectly good excuse to lay into their looks.
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Hunger Games Workouts Are Here—And Training Like Jennifer Lawrence Is Surprisingly Smart

Hunger Games Workouts Are HereâAnd Training Like Jennifer Lawrence Is Surprisingly Smart

If a movie stars a woman who does anything with her body beyond walking and having sex, you can bet it’s going to come with its own workout fad. So you shouldn’t be surprised that Hunger Games Workouts are here. But should you try them? Surprisingly, we don’t think it’s a bad idea. We’re not saying you should start a workout routine in hopes of looking like Jennifer Lawrence (or Katniss Everdeen, a teenager whose “workout” and “diet” were inspired by trying to survive starvation and several physically intense attempts at her life). But as movie-inspired workout trends go, this one’s a hell of a lot better than a lot of them (see: last year’s Black Swan ballet/low-calorie diet weight loss fad).

If you’re struck with the urge to “train like a tribute,” here’s everything you need to know about the Hunger Games Workouts out there. More »

Adele’s Trying To Get Healthy (Which Isn’t The Same As Trying To Look Skinny)

Adeleâs Trying To Get Healthy (Which Isnât The Same As Trying To Look Skinny)

Rumor has it that Adele‘s trying to get healthy in light of her recent throat surgery…or is it that she’s trying to look skinny? Judging by the headlines, it’s the latter; judging by most of the facts and everything she’s said about her body and weight, it’s obviously the former. But tabloids don’t acknowledge that there’s a difference at all, and as a result, most of us have become just as confused about the difference between exercising and eating well—even trying to lose weight—for health, and embarking on a diet or fitness plan solely for the sake of looking skinny.

This isn’t the first time rumors have circulated about Adele’s efforts at weight loss and improved health. Last fall, headlines claimed she was losing weight (or trying) to better cope with her throat surgery; fans responded with fury at the prospect of Adele’s transformation, but she’s since reassured everyone that she’s not concerned with conforming to pop culture norms. More »

Emma Stone, We Like You, But We Wish You’d Be Nicer To Your Body

Emma Stone, We Like You, But We Wish Youâd Be Nicer To Your Body

I really want to like Emma Stone. She’s young, she’s got great style, and she’s funny when she hosts SNL. Unfortunately, she’s making it difficult to get behind her, because she seems to have internalized Hollywood body-shaming and snarking. In a recent interview with S magazine, she had some pretty negative things to say, both about her own body, and about working out in general. Why, Emma Stone? Why?

Stone’s comments weren’t particularly out of the ordinary–but that’s what’s disappointing about them. She basically repeats the most maddening line that actors continue to troll out: that, in spite of being slender and beautiful, they “hate exercise” and “eat tons of junk.” And, predictably, they feel bad about themselves. For eating. Here’s one quote from the interview:

“I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting – I ate a huge Wagamama lunch, the whole yaki soba, and I feel so fat.’ But I’m still gonna eat that stuff, and you know what? You can get nice, loose clothes that cover it all up…you won’t hear me saying I have no body issues because I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.

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Jennifer Lawrence Liked Hunger Games Training; Doesn’t Diet and Hates Exercise

Jennifer Lawrence Liked Hunger Games Training; Doesnât Diet and Hates Exercise

When Jennifer Lawrence‘s role as The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen was announced, it was only a matter of time before the media started scrutinizing her body and featuring the diet and workout that got her into shape for the role. But judging by her new interview in the April issue of Glamour, Lawrence is prepped to make sure she’s sending a body positive message to her fans. When asked about her Hunger Games training regimen, she conceded that it involved pushing herself physically, but held firm in that she didn’t go on crazy diets or try to change her body. More »

Octavia Spencer’s Post-Oscar Award To Herself Will Be A Boob Lift

Octavia Spencerâs Post-Oscar Award To Herself Will Be A Boob Lift

We’ve lauded Octavia Spencer for being honest about Hollywood body pressures, but her new plans to give herself a post-Oscar boob lift leave us feeling conflicted. At the SAG Awards earlier this month, she was frank about how her weight impacts her career in Hollywood, and explained that she’s working wit ha personal trainer for health reasons and not because she’s giving into pressures to be thin. Overall, she seemed to be emphasizing the importance of health and a positive body image to her fans, but her plans to go under the knife just seem to muddle the message. More »