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Two Blackface Costumes Ruin Northwestern’s Halloween This Year

Two Blackface Costumes Ruin Northwestern's Halloween This Year

Halloween at Northwestern University is going to be a lot less fun this year thanks to two poorly thought out costumes last year. The campus went into lockdown last year after two undergrads decided to dress up in black face. This year, the university’s dean of students, Burgwell Howard, sent out Halloween guidelines to help students pick out more politically correct costumes.

They include some helpful instructions on the history of blackface. And also stand to take all the fun out of terrible coed parties this weekend. More »

Video: Japan’s Idea of Blackface is a Little WTF

Video: Japan's Idea of Blackface is a Little WTF

In America, we are used to ideas of ingrained racism, and how that’s dealt with, with our long history of turmoil in the Civil Rights movement. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that other nations didn’t enslave black people for many years, and so their version of African-American culture is kind of…um, offensive? Or maybe cut them a break because they seemingly learned everything about black culture from Tyler Perry productions, as evidenced by this blackface Japanese movie, Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl. More »