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Mindy Kaling Is Taking Smart Precautions In Case She Gets A DUI…Or Kills Someone

Mindy Kaling Is Taking Smart Precautions In Case She Gets A DUI...Or Kills Someone

In the crazy, crazy town called Hollywood, where every move a star makes is followed, from walking the red carpet to buying toilet paper, those same stars have to constantly be on alert about what the paparazzi catch on their fancy photograph machines. Now Mindy Kaling is all, “You won’t catch me drinking alcohol and then use that picture when you talk about my possible future DUI.” More »

The Hottest Dudes From GQ’s “Men Of The Year” Party

The Hottest Dudes From GQ's "Men Of The Year" Party

Earlier this week Ryan Reynolds was named the “sexiest man alive” by People Mag, and we were like whaaat? He’s not even in our top hundred! But GQ‘s “men of the year” are more our style. Last night’s party was attended by a range of winning dudes, from Community‘s Donald Glover to model Douglas Booth to James Franco and his creepy new mustache. And there was nary a Ryan Reynolds in sight. so cheers to you, GQ. More »

Video: ‘The Office’ Cast Does A Lipdub

Video: 'The Office' Cast Does A Lipdub

Have you missedThe Office as much as we have? Don’t worry, Michael Scott and his gang of neutrally-attired employees return to the airwaves tomorrow night. To celebrate, the cast put together a lipdub — and their effort does not disappoint. (We find the ending particularly adorable, but then again, we’ve always had a little crush on Ryan.)

Since we can’t wait until Thursday, and because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere (though not in Scranton), we’ve created The Unofficial ‘Office’ Lipdub Drinking Game:
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