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Let’s Predict The Plot Of Demi Lovato’s New Video Based On This Preview Clip

Let's Predict The Plot Of Demi Lovato's New Video Based On This Preview Clip

Demi Lovato, empowering and inspiring, is set to release the music video for her new single “Heart Attack” on March 4th. To help stir up anticipation for it, she released cover art and a preview clip today which tell us precious little about what the video is going to be like, aside from the fact that Demi is not afraid to pair a Peter Pan collar with an otherwise totally ’80s outfit. I could wait until the full version is available to post it, but because I know you Lovatics out there do not want to wait that long, I’ve come up with a few predictions for the video which logically follow what we’ve seen so far. More »

Gallery: Lindsay Lohan’s Tattoos, Decoded

Gallery: Lindsay Lohan's Tattoos, Decoded

Lindsay Lohan is one of those people who has at least nine tattoos, and yet doesn’t appear tattooed at all. And no, it’s not because they’re in naughty places — they’re all in plain sight if you know where to look, including her new inexplicable Billy Joel tattoo. They seem to be indicative of high or low (mostly low) points in the star’s career and personal life, where she often thinks she’s on top when things are going haywire, or she makes a big deal out of small setbacks. With that in mind, we inspect LiLo’s body art, from girly hearts and stars to pretentious quotes. More »

Fan Fiction: An Excerpt From Billy Joel’s Memoir

Fan Fiction: An Excerpt From Billy Joel's Memoir

We were incredibly disappointed when we learned that Billy Joel had decided to cancel his $3 million memoir, The Book of Joel, which had been slated to come out this summer. But lucky us, we got our hands on an exclusive excerpt from the unpublished book:

“I was spending a lot of time at the Executive Bar on Wilshire those days, mostly to work and then occasionally afterwards to flip through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with some of the staff and argue about who we most wanted to bone (my answer was “all of them.” Jokes on those guys, huh?).

Those nights all kind of ran together, but I do remember one in particular that serves as a pretty good stand-in for the general tone of things. It was a Saturday, I think, on the trail of one of those early summer evenings when Los Angeles felt steeped in its own heat, the hazy lights of the Wiltern radiating West to La Cienega, where at that very moment Elton John and a Sri Lankan busboy were going though a copy of the Sports Illustrated Cricket Issue, arguing about who they most wanted to bone. More »