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Video: Funny Outtakes From Zach Galifianakis’ Upcoming Special Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York

Video: Funny Outtakes From Zach Galifianakis' Upcoming Special Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York

We here at Crushable have much love for the awkward brand of comedy Zach Galifinakis deploys on his Funny Or Die webshow “Between Two Ferns.” Hence, you can imagine our excitment when we found out he was producing a special half-hour version of it called Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale Of New York that will air on real television, right before the Comedy Awards on Comedy Central this coming Sunday. Here are some funny outtakes from it. More »

Video: ‘Between Two Ferns’ Has Jumped the Shark!

Video: 'Between Two Ferns' Has Jumped the Shark!

This Will Ferrell-starring episode of Zach Galifianakis‘s web series Between Two Ferns is the weirdest one yet. The ep abandons its construction of Zach as the obtuse host playing against an unaware straightman, and instead the two comedians battle one another in a duel of insults and weirdness. It’s bizarre and wonderful, plus there’s terrific a cameo from Jon Hamm. More »

Zach Galifianakis Wasn’t ‘In’ On Joke Interview, Says Gordon Keith

Zach Galifianakis Wasn't 'In' On Joke Interview, Says Gordon Keith

One of the funniest and most-talked about videos this week had to be Gordon Keith from WFAA-TV interviewing Zach Galifiankis about his latest film, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. It was an intentionally awkward interview that seemed to completely bite off the style of Zach’s Funny or Die series, Between Two Ferns, except this time it was the Hangover star that was stuck trying to answer Gordon’s weird questions (“Emma Roberts looks like she smell good…explain why your character is wearing a sweater?”)

We debated back and forth whether Zach was “in” on the joke from the beginning, and this weekend Gordon answered our queries on his personal webblog: More »

Between Two Social Networks – A mashup of Zach Galfianakis‘ Between Two Ferns series and the trailer for The Social Network may seem like somebody just picked two random entries from the Stuff White People Like blog, but it actually works. We laughed, anyway. (Funny Or Die)

Video: Between Two Ferns with Seth Galifianakis and Sean Penn

Video: Between Two Ferns with Seth Galifianakis and Sean Penn

Seth Galifianakis is comedian Zach Galifianakis‘ twin brother (not really. Pro-tip: This is what Zach looks like when he shaves!) and yesterday he took over Zach’s faux-interview program Between Two Ferns to talk to Sean Penn. With all these fake brothers and mock-interviews running around, you would think that Sean would be more of a sport, but he genuinely looks disgruntled. Can’t tell if that’s supposed to be the shtick, if Sean’s actually clueless enough to believe he’s on a real segment, or if Mr. Milk is terrible at “playing along.” More »