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The 5 Biggest Tony Award Snubs

The 5 Biggest Tony Award Snubs

All awards shows can be problematic. The Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys… no matter what the medium, the politics involved often determine who gets nominated and who wins more than the art itself. It’s true that the Tonys usually aren’t quite as bad as, say, the Oscars can be, largely because Broadway is a little more of a niche world than Hollywood; but snubs still happen, though, and this year, there are some pretty spectacular ones in terms of high-profile celebrities getting zilch for their efforts. More »

Benjamin Walker… Revealed!

Benjamin Walker... Revealed!

Benjamin Walker‘s rising to fame by playing U.S. presidents. The star of both the Off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was recently cast in the lead role of the flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which we could not be more excited for, OMG). This 28-year-old heart throb’s gonna be a household name before you know it — so get ahead of the curve with these five facts you need to know about Benjamin. More »

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Gets Inglorious Close – Though it only premiered on Broadway in September, the rock oepra about our Native American-hating president will close January 2nd. And we never even got to see Benjamin Walker rip his shirt off! (Gawker)