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Crushable 25 Poll: Who’s Your Top Tween Girl Crush?

Crushable 25 Poll: Who's Your Top Tween Girl Crush?

You might be familiar with our annual hot-list of 25 Crushable Guys Under 25. It’s a list that we painstakingly compile using only the most up-to-date of scientific research and the most expert-y of expert opinions. The result is your go-to list of hot young male stars, from actors to athletes to YouTube sensations. Basically everyone who will be huge in the coming year. This year, for the first time ever, we’re expanding our scope and including our girl crushes. (Who says we have to focus all of our attention on dudes, anyway?) 25 girl crushes under 25, to be exact. More »

The 10 Teenybopper Stars You’ll Need To Know By Next Year

The 10 Teenybopper Stars You'll Need To Know By Next Year

Which teen stars are gong to be the hot, new thing next year? Well we performed a bunch of really difficult science experiments to find out which teens are going to be household names by this time in 2013. The tweens/teens are loving these stars now which means it’s only a matter of time before you love them too (and if not love them, you’ll at least know of their existence). More »

‘Tangled’ Premiere Brings Out Mandy Moore, Next Round of Disney Robot Children

'Tangled' Premiere Brings Out Mandy Moore, Next Round of Disney Robot Children

Tangled is Disney’s twist (so to speak) on the Rapunzel story, and it marks a return to regular animation in our post-Pixar universe. But don’t think that means Tangled isn’t as “cool” as Wall-E. After all, it did have a Double Rainbow parody for viral marketing, and stars the voice of one of Disney’s least-tarnished child alums: Mandy Moore (along with Chuck‘s Zachary Levi).

But like a Kanye West phoenix, a troupe of diversely ethnic young Disney stars have risen from the ashes of their previous Hannah Montana predecessors, willing to take on the world and become the next Miley Cyrus/Demi Lovato train wreck. It’s kind of cute, kind of creepy, but allll Disney! More »

Trend Watch: Fancy Shoes And Comfy Socks

Trend Watch: Fancy Shoes And Comfy Socks

Want to look good this fall while still feeling warm and comfortable? Then throw on a pair of socks before stepping into your heels or flats. All the celebs are doing it! (Personally, we’ve been known to rock a pair of thigh-highs over tights or leggings, but we tend to lean more towards the “warm and comfortable” end of the spectrum.) Before the really cold weather hits, check out our gallery of all the different ways to wear your sock-n-shoe ensemble. More »