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Am I Right Ladies? Have No Fear, It’s Lady Beer!

Am I Right Ladies? Have No Fear, Itâs Lady Beer!

We may have David Beckham right now, but British women still have all the luck. And by luck, I mean a new line of “female-friendly” beers. And by female-friendly beers, the makers surely must mean a line of yeasty alcoholic beverages that finally do not cause our stomachs to erupt over the tops of our jeans like Mt. Vesuvius. Because just like the citizens of Pompeii, my beer-gut seems to be frozen in time, amirightladies? More »

Drunkorexia Gets a Humerous Treatment – It’s hard to think that anyone could make the condition of getting so drunk you vomit up all your calories and black out funny, but Open Film’s “The Miracle Beer Diet” managed to do so while being educational. Great job! (College Being)

‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Recap: Beers Trump Runs

'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Recap: Beers Trump Runs

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we got to meet new Housewife Cynthia, watch former wife Sheree go on her first date since getting divorced and see NeNe whine about getting her happy back once again. But let’s be honest. The highlight of the show came right at the beginning, when Kim Zolniak went for a “run” with her assistant Sweetie. What does a run with Kim look like? Mostly a lot of complaining combined with guilting a guy at a liquor store into giving them free beers. Good times! More »